“To media mudslinger self-important gadfly Jason Salzman. Truth serum.”

That’s what KNUS radio host Peter Boyles thinks Santa should give me for Christmas, as offered in his December Cherry Creek Chronicle column.

He didn’t say what he’s upset about, and I’m ready to correct anything I got wrong, but Boyles’ mortal blow gives me the chance to express my serious gratitude to him for doing the right thing lately.

Boyles is on a crusade to make Republican officials in Colorado admit that the 2020 presidential election was legitimate both here and nationally.

If you’re a Republican and you go on Boyles’ show, expect him to ask you the simple question of whether the presidential election was stolen. He will say you can’t win a statewide election in Colorado unless you give the truthful answer of ‘no.’

He brings on GOP strategist Dick Wadhams fairly regularly and they hold hands and repeat the point, with Boyles later facing an onslaught of conspiratorial objections from listeners.

Boyles’ confrontation in May with Trump lawyer John Eastman, who appears to be among the root causes for the insurrectionists’ threats to hang Mike Pence, is emblematic of Boyles’ approach to the issue — and it produced a fantastic radio show, ending with Eastman hanging up on Boyles.

During the show, Eastman was going on, as he does, about all the affidavits citing fraud in the 2020 presidential election, which lead Boyles to skewer him with the benign observation that he (Boyles) could swear in an affidavit that he’d seen Bigfoot — and it would prove nothing.

“So what?” asked Boyes before Eastman hung up on him.

Eastman later threatened to sue Boyles for defamation.

Since that interview — and before — Boyles has been relentless on the issue. He’s pushed many GOP leaders on it, including top gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl and U.S. Senate candidates Eli Bremer and Gino Campana. And many other GOP officials who stop by his show expecting the love they often get.

He criticizes his fellow KNUS hosts for their conspiratorial ravings, earning him a mention in a lawsuit against his own radio station and fellow KNUS host Randy Corporon. “The center of the conspiracy is all here,” Boyles is quoted as saying in the complaint. “A river runs through it. This stuff all generates at this radio station and comes through this radio station.” 

Boyles’ work on election conspiracies doesn’t excuse his attacks on Muslims, immigrants, journalism, and much more. He’s spent much of his career hurting the most vulnerable people out there.

He was one of the top birthers not only in Colorado but nationally, stoking the conspiracy for years that Obama was not a U.S. citizen.

It’s been said that Boyles has been on the right side of the Big Lie simply because he doesn’t want to get sued himself, but I don’t think so. And who cares? He’s talking to the exact audience that desperately needs to hear the truth.

Dip in from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. on KNUS 710-AM and listen — unless you think I’m just slinging mud.

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