Colorado Republicans show no sign of stopping their attacks against last year’s election results, both in Colorado and nationwide — even though claims that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of the Democrats have been debunked.

In Colorado, only a handful of Republican public figures have spoken out against this rhetoric.

Below is a guide on where Colorado Republicans stand on the 2020 election: whether they repeat the Big Lie, or stand against it–and whether they think Colorado’s own elections were fair.

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CO Members of Congress Who Have Said the Prez Election Was Rigged:

CO Members of Congress Who Have Gone Back and Forth on Whether the Prez Election Was Stolen:

CO State Legislators Who Have Said the Prez Election Was Rigged:

CO State Legislators Who’ve Said the 2020 Prez Election Was Fair:

CO GOP Candidates Who Have Said the Prez Election Was Rigged:

  • U.S. Senate Candidate Erik Aadland. (Says the 2020 election was “Absolutely rigged“)
  • U.S. Senate Candidate Ron Hanks. (Says “Evidence” proves Biden was “not fairly elected” at 1:20 in video)
  • Cindy Ficklin, candidate for House District 55, in western Colorado. (Says 2020 election was “fraud on a stick.“)

CO GOP Candidates Who Raise Doubts About the 2020 National and CO Elections But Don’t Say If They Were Stolen or Legitimate:

GOP Candidates Who Say Colorado’s Election Was Fair But Won’t Offer an Opinion on the National Election:

GOP Candidates Who Think the 2020 Election Was Fair in Colorado and Nationally:

Notable CO Republicans Who’ve Taken a Public Stand on the 2020 Election in CO or Nationally:

Promoting election fraud conspiracy

Rejecting election fraud conspiracy

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NOTE: No prominent Colorado Democrat has questioned the 2020 election results in Colorado or nationally.

UPDATE: 11/16/21 Sheriff Justin Smith added.

CORRECTION: The article initially stated that Cindy Ficklin was running for a different House district.