Some of Colorado’s most right-wing talk radio hosts, who regularly promote views that drive Colorado voters away from the Republican Party, are rejoicing over the willingness of Colorado Republican leaders to appear on their shows again — after past GOP leaders rejected interview requests from the toxic radio yappers.

“You know, I got to tell you something,” KNUS morning host Peter Boyles told Aurora City Council candidate Danielle Jurinsky on air earlier this month. “…If I told you I could not get a Republican candidate or an elected official to sit in that chair for ten years, would you believe me? They never came.”

“How sad is that?” said Jurinsky.

“I never got Walker Stapleton; they wouldn’t even return phone calls,” continued Boyles, adding that the “old guys” were really “machine” Republicans. “Cory Gardner, forget about it. I’ll give you a list of people that wouldn’t come near the show.”

But now, Boyles is thrilled to say on air, he can get the leader of the Colorado Republican Party, Kristi Burton Brown to appear on his show any time he calls. Same with the party’s vice-chair and secretary.

Boyles talks about possibly hosting a series of “lunches” to raise funds for these women.

Republican leaders who want to be hated by most Colorado voters should go yuk it up with Boyles as early and often as possible. He’ll help them lose elections.

Boyles loves Trump, which makes Burton Brown happy but nauseates swing voters. Boyles can’t stand programs that help “illegal aliens,” even if they make all of us safer and are popular in our pro-immigrant state. Boyles thinks his good friend Tom Tancredo, Colorado’s own Steve King, would be a great governor. Boyles trashes Muslims in a state that hates bigotry. He worked so hard at spreading misinformation about Obama’s birth certificate that he became a leading birther nationally. But Colorado loves Obama.

And when Republicans disagree with him on his show, Boyles beats them up. And if they agree, he loves them. Either way, they lose and Democrats win.

Boyles embodies the image of the Republican Party that intelligent conservatives are desperate to shed, as lacking compassion and solutions. Yet the top leaders of the party salivate at the prospect of talking into his microphone.

And the salivation isn’t just for Boyles’ show but the entire lineup at KNUS, which would make most swing voters in Colorado vomit and vote for Democrats if they listened to the station for one small moment.

KNUS host Randy Corporon, arguably even more of a right-winger than Boyles in part because he’s a leading election conspiracist which Boyles, to his credit, is not, is also in awe of the new Republican leaders in Colorado, saying he once had to “tolerate” top Republicans but now they’re “inspiring.”

“It used to be at our Tea Party meetings, Priscilla, we would tolerate GOP leadership because we wanted to communicate with them we wanted to interact with them,” said Corporon earlier this month in an on-air conversation with Priscilla Rahn, the vice-chair of the Colorado Republican Party. “Now when you come, when Kristi [Colorado GOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown] comes, if we could ever get Marilyn [GOP Secretary Marilyn Harris] up here from southwest Colorado to come, people are excited again about the Colorado GOP. And that is on you three new and inspiring leaders. And we really appreciate ya.”

“We are in good hands here in the state of Colorado. And we haven’t been for a while. So I am really excited about that,” continued Corporon, who once set up a Facebook page dedicated to shaming Gardner for not coming on his show. But now Republicans elected Corporon, who recently had potential GOP candidate Heidi Ganahl on his show, to represent Colorado on the Republican National Convention committee.

You search for an explanation for this madness and you realize Colorado Republican leaders are now so extreme they’ve become right-wing radio. George Brauchler, considered a top potential GOP candidate, even has his own KNUS show. Of course, Colorado Republicans return calls from KNUS. They’re one voice.

CORRECTION: Burton Brown is not a frequent guest host on KNUS, as initially reported.