The Colorado Times Recorder exists, in part, to provide you with news that’s often ignored by our bigger competitors, which are unable to cover Colorado as they once did due to staff cuts and shifting priorities.

So it’s gratifying when other news outlets report on our stories, informing their much bigger audiences about news we published first and showing that they take our journalism as seriously as we do.

In 2020, multiple local and national media outlets cited the Colorado Times Recorder in their stories. Below are our favorite examples. See more here.

New York Times: “Freedom as the Muzzle of a Glock

In an entertaining column about Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) campaign, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen linked to a CTR story to show that Boebert had several “brushes with the law — including a citation for disorderly conduct and a recent cease-and-desist order for allowing indoor dining despite quarantine restrictions.” Here is CTR’s original story.

Washington Post: “Betsy DeVos Compares Choice of Abortion to Choice of Slavery

Before the pandemic, Colorado Times Recorder attended a dinner event hosted by Colorado Christian University in Washington D.C., and reported on Betsy DeVos’ speech in which she compared support for safe and legal abortions to support for slavery. Many news outlets, like Vanity Fair, The Hill, Jezebel, also covered the speech after we published our post.  Here is CTR’s original story.

Rachel Maddow Show: COVID-19 at Meatpacking Plants

On her April 29 show, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow focused on Republican officials’ weak response to COVID-19 outbreaks in meatpacking plants across the country. As part of her story, she featured the Colorado Times Recorder’s April 28 story about Sen. Cory Gardner’s claim to have secured 5,000 masks for a slaughterhouse in Northern Colorado. Here is CTR’s original story. Here is CTR’s original story.

NBC NEWS: “QAnon Looms Behind Nationwide Rallies

In an article headlined, “QAnon Looms Behind Nationwide Rallies and Viral #SaveTheChildren Hashtags,” NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins reported: “Regardless of their public online postings and event pages, local media coverage of the events has been widespread and credulous, almost never mentioning the events’ QAnon connections. A few local television and radio stations have advertised lists of the events on their news websites. “The Colorado Times Recorder served as an outlier with its report last week: “Denver Anti-Child Sex Trafficking March Rooted in QAnon Conspiracy Theories.” The same story was also cited in a recent San Francisco Chronicle article, “An aspiring Bay Area ‘mom influencer’ said her kids were almost kidnapped. Then came the backlash.Here is CTR’s original story.

CBS News: Anti-Vax Facebook Group Advises Mom to Use Elderberries

Our reporting, picked up by CBS News, on the flu death of a child in southern Colorado demonstrated the cultural divide between Coloradans who support current state law which has permissive standards for exempting children from vaccinations and those who support tightening requirements for exemptions. Here is CTR’s original story.

Newsweek: Proud Boys Appear in Official Trump Video

After Trump referred to the Proud Boys, a white supremacist group, in a presidential debate, the Colorado Times Recorder dug up previously unreported imagery of the Proud Boys in a campaign ad produced after a Trump rally in Colorado. Newsweek picked up our story. Here’s CTR’s original post.

Columbia Journalism Review: “A Colorado Race Offers Lessons for National Political Reporters

The Columbia Journalism Review picked up our reporting to highlight how Lauren Boebert successfully capitalized on COVID-19 current events and friendly media appearances to shore up her conservative messaging, burnish her media profile, and bolster her social media following. Here is CTR’s original post.

LeBron James: “This Is Unity, Peaceful, Beautiful, and Love!”

And LeBron James, who with his 48 million followers essentially counts as a news site , retweeted the Colorado Times Recorder‘s post showing peaceful BLM protesters at a Colorado rally, generating over 14 million views of our tweet.

We are grateful to these news outlets and others for affirming our judgment that the stories we cover are important and factual.