Under Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dave Williams, party neutrality is a thing of the past. The state GOP will for the first time be endorsing candidates in its upcoming primary. A voice vote on a resolution proposed by Williams (and ruled on by Williams) at the state assembly eliminated the possibility of an endorsement for any candidate who made the ballot solely by gathering signatures. To choose between those primary candidates who went through the assembly process, the Colorado GOP announced it would base its decision on consultations with local party officials as well as a questionnaire.

In a pair of statements made last night and this morning, Gabe Evans, running in Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, and Stephen Varela, in the 3rd Congressional District, both announced they wouldn’t be seeking the party’s endorsement, therefore dispensing with a need to answer the questionnaire.

The questions are a combination of MAGA purity tests, Trump loyalty proof points, and substantive policy questions. 

One stands out in particular: a call to denounce Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the Koch-funded group that publicly backed Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign. One of the few questions that requires a Yes/No answer, the issue is both a MAGA wedge, but also a specific benefit to Williams, who has framed his own primary campaign against former AfP staffer Jeff Crank about his opponent’s former employer. It also ensnares Evans, who, like Crank, is supported by AFP while his primary challenger Janak Joshi is not.

Evans has already answered at least one of the questions: He will vote for Trump in 2024. As the Colorado Times Recorder reported in March, He made a point of clarifying his support for the former president at the Adams County GOP assembly, noting that he knew “that there had been some questions about that.” 

Evans and Varela share a campaign manager, longtime GOP operative Alan Philp, who was previously involved in advocating for Republican-friendly maps during the state’s redistricting process.

This marks the first time the state Republican Party has taken sides in its own primary races. Chairman Williams currently faces a campaign finance complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission by GOP operative Kelly Maher for using thousands of dollars of party money to create and send a mailer attacking Crank ahead of the state assembly.


Name: _________________________________________
The office you are running for: ___________________________________

Please note that to be considered for endorsement you must answer ALL questions. If you don’t know the answer to any question then simply state as much. Please return the survey one week after receiving it.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What is the proper role of government?
  2. Do you support President Trump’s populist, America-first agenda?
  3. Do you denounce Americans for Prosperity and the $70M+ they raised to defeat President Donald J. Trump and hard-working Americans who are tired of open borders? Circle one: Yes or No
  4. Is there a time in which a tax or fee increase may be appropriate? Can you think of any critical needs for your constituents that will necessitate a tax or fee increase? Please explain.
  5. How do we solve the illegal immigration crisis?
  6. Do you support a federal ban on abortion? Circle one: Yes or No
  7. Is climate change a concern? Should we be implementing policies and laws to reduceour carbon footprint for future generations?
  8. Should Red Flag laws be used to prevent mentally ill people from possessing firearms? If so, who should have the authority to petition for the removal of those firearms? Please explain.
  9. Do you believe the public education system is broken? If so, what solutions would you propose to fix it?
  10. Should parents or schools be allowed to provide or encourage transgender reassignment treatment to minors? Circle one: Yes or No
  11. Did you support the reauthorization of FISA (which didn’t require the need for the government to obtain a warrant when used against American citizens) that was recently signed into law (HR 7888)? Circle one: Yes or No
  12. Should the US continue giving aid to Ukraine?
  13. Should schools, hospitals, places of business or the government be allowed to require vaccinations of people?
  14. What does election integrity mean to you? How will you defend our elections if elected?
  1. Have you ever been a registered member of another party? If so, when and why?
  2. Have you ever voted for a Democrat in any election, or contributed financially or otherwise to a Democrat running for office in any election? If so, please list all contributions and support.
  3. Do you support only closed primaries for when the party decides its nominees? Circle one: Yes or No
  4. Will you support all efforts by the Colorado GOP, and associated entities, to opt out of open primaries? Circle one: Yes or No
  5. Are you voting for a candidate other than President Donald J. Trump in the 2024 Presidential election? If so, please explain.
  6. Who did you vote for in the 2020 general election for US President?
  7. Who did you vote for in the 2016 general election for US President?
  8. Why are you the best candidate for this office? How would you govern differently from the current office holder, and from any of your opponents?

I affirm that I have answered the above questions to the best of my knowledge and without outside assistance.