Tom Tancredo FB post mocking Rep. Elijah Cummings' death

Just three days after the death of his former congressional colleague U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD7), Tom Tancredo posted an meme mocking the man’s death and calling him a liar.

Tancredo routinely posts inflammatory images and statements on social media, but this meme, attacking a fellow Member of Congress less than 72 hours after his death was particularly extreme, especially considering that Tancredo and Cummings served together in the House for a decade.

Since his brief gubernatorial run last year, the former congressman has spent much of his time working with fellow immigration hardliners Kris Kobach and Steve Bannon promoting private border wall construction.

It was at one of those “We Build The Wall” events that Kobach announced his candidacy for the 2020 Kansas U.S. Senate election, as well as Tancredo’s endorsement of his campaign. The Kobach campaign did not immediately respond to a emailed request for comment on Tancredo’s Facebook post.

Considering that both Kobach’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign and his current U.S. Senate campaign have come under scrutiny for hiring white nationalists, it’s possible an endorser’s Facebook post may not raise much of a concern.

However, Tancredo’s presence is still impactful here in Colorado, and he’s lending his influence to state political races as well.

Two days prior to Tancredo’s post about Cummings, former state Rep. Pat Miller of Erie, who is once again running for a statehouse seat, announced his endorsement on her campaign page.

Miller and Tancredo are longtime friends. She served in the Colorado legislature from 1991-1993 and ran for Congress herself in 1994 and 1996. Tancredo selected her as his American Constitution Party running mate in 2010 during his failed gubernatorial campaign.

Given their long history, and Tancredo’s well-established persona as a social media firebrand, it may very well be that his social media posts are not a concern for Miller. However, the same may not be true for Republican voters in House District 63, who will choose between Miller and another GOP candidate, Erie Town Trustee Dan Woog, in next year’s primary election. Miller entered the primary race in the wake of the departure of another conservative candidate Corey Seulean. The Longmont pastor dropped out following the Colorado Times Recorder’s reporting of his belief that women should not wear pants.

Here is the text of Tancredo endorsement of Pat Miller:

“Politics can be confusing. For instance today there are Republicans who call themselves Conservative simply because they know that is a necessary lie, prompted by the constituency of the area they seek to represent. In HD63, we have a perfect example of this phenomenon. You will never hear any RINO running for office in this rock-ribbed Republican own up to their true leanings. This is what I can tell you with absolute certainty; only one candidate deserves to carry that mantle in the fight for the Republican nomination for HD 63. Pat Miller IS THE REAL THING! I have known her for over 40 years. Our friendship goes back to our days in the Colorado Legislature where I, and then later she served as the District 27 Representative. Pat doesn’t have to concoct the conservative credentials she has demonstrated every day of her life. She is and has ALWAYS been, solidly pro-life, solidly pro-second amendment, solidly anti- illegal immigration, and solidly pro-limited government. This is why the incumbent, Lori Saine has endorsed Pat. It is not enough to keep the district in Republican hands. It must be kept in CONSERVATIVE Republican hands. I would trust my family’s well- being to Pat Miller. What more can I say about my complete and total confidence in her integrity and devotion to the ideals we share.”

–Tom Tancredo former Congressman, candidate for President, candidate for Governor

Facebook messages requesting comment from Miller and Tancredo were not immediately returned. This story will be updated with any responses.