Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has yet to remove a Facebook post claiming that former President Clinton passed a 1996 law mandating separation of immigrant families.

The post goes on to falsely state that Obama enforced the law for two terms. And it concludes with another whopper that Democrats are “demonizing” Trump for “enforcing THEIR Law!”

This despite the fact that Facebook has tagged Tancredo’s post with a notice to readers:

“FALSE: No 1996 Law That Required Family Separation.”

The misinformation about family-separation policy has been spread rampantly in some conservative circles, even though multiple independent fact checkers concluded that Trump, in fact, instituted the blanket policy of prosecuting parents and separating them from children, as part of his “zero-tolerance” approach to the border. It was at least publicly rescinded by the president after a national outcry, but loopholes remained, causing further outcry.

Tancredo has a national reputation as an immigration hardliner with a nose for controversy, and once ran as a Republican candidate for president to spotlight the immigration issue.

Trump has falsely blamed his policy on Democrats multiple times as well.