Over the weekend, the Goyim Defense League was at it again, distributing anti-Semitic flyers to residences in Parker with their usual schtick — “outing” Jews connected to the Biden administration and blaming them for everything related to COVID-19. This incident was again one of many across the country. NPR reports that similar flyers from the GDL also appeared in driveways in Colleyville, TX, where in January a man entered a synagogue and held a rabbi and his congregants hostage. This time, at least in Colorado, however, it’s possible that the individual culprits have been identified. 

According to the Colorado Springs Antifa twitter account, a man they’ve previously identified as “Vincent Bertinelli” posted a video on the Goyim Defense League Telegram account on Telegram of himself running copies of the flyer for distribution. While the Colorado Times Recorder was not able to independently confirm the Telegram video, it was able to confirm Bertinelli’s affiliation with the Goyim Defense League via other social media content posted on various accounts.

Tweet showing GDL goons making copies of their propaganda

On their blog, they provide a detailed background of Bertinelli’s alleged long-time involvement with the Goyim Defense League, including pictures of himself throwing Nazi salutes. There are also screenshots from a video of Bertinelli allegedly flying a banner from an overpass in Lakewood that read “New World Order is a Jew World Order.” According to the blog, Lakewood PD ticketed him and his associate, a man they identify as Joey Bounds for the stunt. The site also has imagery of Bertinelli and other GDL associates accosting members of the LGBTQ community at Pride events as well. 

Screenshot from the Colorado Springs Antifa blog post

Real winners. 

I contacted a phone number that both public records and Antifa identify as belonging to Bertinelli. The parties I spoke with had voices that sounded identical to those belonging to videos on the GDL website, however they refused to discuss any of these alleged activities.

From the Colorado Springs Antifa blog:
“Vincent Bertinelli is a 33 year old Neo-Nazi, amateur YouTuber, and convicted felon who lives with his wife Briana and 4 children in Morrison, Colorado. Vincent and Briana make a living taking care of people with disabilities in their home for All Friends, Inc.”

I contacted All Friends, Inc. to verify whether or not this was true. I first spoke with a woman named “Michelle.” I identified myself and asked if I could speak with the person responsible for providing any references as to people they work with who provide services in their homes. She replied: “that’s me.” According to their website, the only Michelle listed is Michelle Raymond, CFO and founder.

“Can you verify that you have a couple named Vincent and Briana Bertinelli who provide home services for your company?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Are you aware that these individuals have been exposed as possible members of a neo-Nazi organization called the Goyim Defense League?” I asked. 

“I have no knowledge of that. Good bye.” She hung up on me. According to the website, the other founder is Charlene Thoma, CEO. I called back and followed the automated prompts to speak with her. When she answered, I told her “Michelle” had hung up on me, and I asked if they had any knowledge of Bertinelli’s alleged involvement with the Goyim Defense League.

“I have seen no evidence of this,” was her reply.

I offered to provide the links to the Colorado Springs Antifa page. “Charlene” refused to give me her email address to send the link to. When I asked what their vetting process was for finding host homes, she said, “We vet our people very thoroughly.” She then hung up on me as well.

According to the site:

Host Home
Individuals or couples who have been thoroughly screened, trained and approved by All Friends can provide a family home for a Friend. Our Friend will have his or her own bedroom to enjoy and decorate, and will be part of the host family’s daily life. Every provider and every home is evaluated with the needs of a specific Friend in mind, to help make matches that are safe, satisfying and healthy for everyone. 

Curiously, the page on the Colorado Springs Antifa Blog is dated May 10, 2021. I find it peculiar that this information hasn’t gotten back to the team at All Friends, Inc. in all this time. I would expect that any business charged with caring for people would at least google those they hire to provide said care. And if you google “Vincent Bertinelli,” the results that come up first would certainly be cause for concern:

Source: Google.com

These search results were indexed back in November of 2019 — more than two years ago:

It’s not unreasonable to draw one of two simple conclusions based on all of this:

  1. The team at All Friends, Inc. had no knowledge of Bertinelli’s alleged activities with the Goyim Defense League.
  2. The team at All Friends Inc. has knowledge of Bertinelli’s alleged activities with the Goyim Defense League, and has chosen to continue their professional relationship with him in spite of this.

In the first case, it would appear that even a cursory Google search would not have been done in quite some time, which — when we’re talking about people charged with providing care for people with special needs — seems concerning to me. This also calls into question their stated policy of “Continuous oversight” as detailed in this screenshot from their site:

Of course, option number 2 certainly seems far more concerning. 

Either way, we still have a cadre of GDL losers out there doing what they can to bring harm to the Jews in our communities. And anyone who might be aware, but isn’t actively engaged in stopping that effort, bears responsibility.

UPDATE Feb. 25, 2:56 P.M. Mountain:

It turns out that it was more than a year ago when comments were posted on All Friends, Inc.’s Facebook page alerting them to the fact that one of their host home providers is a member of the Goyim Defense League. They can’t claim ignorance on this fact.