With the election so close, and Trump driving so many voters away from Republicans, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s (R-CO) promise to speak out against his own party stands out among everything he’s said from 2014 till today. It’s been oft-repeated, but how can it not top Gardner’s quote list?

“When my party is wrong, I’ll say it. When something is broken, I’ll fix it. I’m Cory Gardner, and I approve this message. I’d be honored to have your support. ” October 15, 2014.

Ranking other statements from Gardner doesn’t make sense, because he’s said so much that’s memorable. But here’s a list to chew on.


“I’m a fighter for Colorado. Not just part of Colorado, but all four corners of Colorado. I’m the third most bipartisan member of the United States Senate, the third most bipartisan member, because I believe working together gets more results done. And if you look at what we have done for Colorado, it’s opening up. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Space Command, Arkansas Valley conduits more legislation than the entire Colorado delegation combined.” Oct. 22, 2020.


“What I worry about though, of course, is the paid protesters from out of state who are crowding out those Colorado voices. That’s a big concern of mine. It’s a concern of my colleagues when they can’t hear the voices of their constituents because paid activists from out of state are getting in the way.” September 14, 2018.

Fox 31 Denver: “As you know, there’s been protests outside your office. There’s a protest outside this hotel, people wondering, during this week of recess, why aren’t you hosting a town hall?” Gardner: “Well look, we’ve had a number of opportunities to engage with a number of Coloradans around the state. And we’ll continue to do that….” February 22, 2017

“Obviously, voter motivation and intensity is important in elections. And if more on the radical left, the loony left, get out and vote than the right, that’s a problem.” September 19, 2020.

“This is nothing more than a revenge majority. They want to fight against a president that they believe never should have been elected in the first place, and so the policies that they are pursuing are all going to be based on revenge: investigations, cutting border security, doing everything they can to provide that revenge.” December 12, 2018.


“Well, look, yesterday’s [Pocahontas] statement is something that I wish wouldn’t have happened – shouldn’t have happened. But what we’re going to focus on today is tax reform.” Nov. 28, 2017.

Fox News: “Do you think that your party’s apparent reluctance to call out the President of the United States when he says outrageous things, or does things that are highly controversial, is adding to this imbalance in Washington?” Gardner: “Well, I have certainly done everything I can to speak where I felt it was important to speak.” February 9, 2017.

“This is not a time for vagaries,” Gardner said. “This isn’t a time for innuendo or to allow room to be read between the lines. This is a time to lay blame — to lay blame on bigotry, to lay blame on white supremacists, on white nationalism and on hatred. And that needs to be said.” August 13, 2017.

On Trump’s tax bill: “And what a great Christmas celebration across the country, as we pass a bill that would grow wages, cut taxes, and get this country competitive again.” Dec. 15, 2017.

“Trump’s personal investment in the Senate sealed the deal. He crisscrossed the country, hitting some states multiple times — all the while delivering sound bites that Republican hopefuls used to promote themselves and bash their opponents.” November 8, 2018.

“I’d like to see the President come to Colorado. I’d like to see my colleagues want to see him be successful. Let’s talk about the good things we’ve done in Colorado. Let’s show him the good things we’ve done in Colorado. I hope that everybody is engaged in wanting us to have a successful president.” November 14, 2018.

Multiple Reporters: Do you believe it’s appropriate for the President of the United States to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival, yes or no? Gardner: “This is what we are going to get into. The Senate Intelligence Committee is having an investigation, a bipartisan investigation….” Oct. 10, 2019.

Gardner interview about town halls.

“I will not vote for Donald Trump.” October 8, 2016.

“Yes,” when asked if Trump is a moral and ethical person. October 13, 2020


On Trump’s tax returns: “The issue of the tax returns, I think everybody should have the opportunity to, to release their tax returns.” June 16, 2019.

On intimidating the Federal Reserve: “I think the President is going to continue to do what the President is going to continue to do.” June 19,2019.

On whether the impeachment trial should allow witnesses: “We have a trial, and that’s where we’re at right now.” January 16, 2020.

“There is no federal personhood bill.” September 28, 2014.


“Mark Udall Voted for Obamacare. It’s destroying this country.” March 1, 2014.

“When Mark Udall voted for Obamacare, he promised us, if we liked our health care plan, we could keep it. But you know how that worked out. I got a letter saying that my family’s insurance plan was canceled.” Aug. 11, 2014.

CPR: “Do you support the administration’s brief before the Supreme Court to dismantle [the Affordable Care Act]? Gardner: “John Hickenlooper supports socialized medicine.” July 1, 2020.


“Our next election is too soon and the stakes are too high; the American people deserve a role in the process as the next Supreme Court justice will influence the direction of this country for years to come.” July 10, 2018.