Further aligning himself with Trump, despite the president’s unpopularity in Colorado, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) accused Democrats Friday of opposing Republican policies based on “revenge” instead of what’s good for the country.

Gardner: “This is nothing more than a revenge majority,”  Gardner said on Fox News’ ‘Fox and Friends’ Friday. “They want to fight against a president that they believe never should have been elected in the first place, and so the policies that they are pursuing are all going to be based on revenge: investigations, cutting border security, doing everything they can to provide that revenge.”

Gardner’s comment came as Trump has vowed to shut down the government to try to force Congress to fund a border wall.

Gardner accused Democrats of wanting to cut border funds and having “no border-security plan.”

“It’s based on a revenge majority that they just elected to the House,” said Gardner.

Gardner added he would not favor a compromise by funding a portion of Trump’s request now and the rest later, but he thought such a plan might emerge.

“We know that border security is better when you have something like this in place,” he said.

“Let’s get this done,” said Gardner.

“First time we’ve heard that word, ‘revenge majority,'” said Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy at the end of the interview. “I have a feeling we’re going to hear it more.”

Gardner has long taken a hard line on immigration issues, opposing in-state tuition, back when it was passed in Colorado, for you undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children. He’s signaled his support for a form of the Dream Act, after blocking the proposal earlier in his career.

While in the U.S. House, Gardner opposed the 2013 “Gang of Eight” bill, which passed with bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate but never went up for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill would have overhauled the U.S. immigration system, and did include border security increases.