With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, most candidates are furiously knocking doors, trying to turn out every last voter they can reach. Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who according to recent polls, has a dwindling lead in a race that wasn’t expected to be close, flew to Mar-A-Lago with her family and friends for a visit — presumably a fundraiser — with former President Donald Trump.

Colorado Republican National Committeeman Randy Corporon also attended.

“Gorgeous top to bottom,” noted Corporon on Facebook, referring to the Mar-A-Lago compound. “It’s been closed this summer for freshening up, so about twenty of us had it to ourselves along with the owner.”

Boebert (center) at Mar-A-Lago with Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff (left) and Maggie Silvers

Former Colorado lawmaker turned USDA official during the Trump administration, Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff, also joined Boebert in Florida.

This is at least Boebert’s fourth Mar-A-Lago fundraiser, following one back in February of this year as well as last April, when her entire family came along. Last February she and U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz co-headlined a fundraiser at Trump’s resort for Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). More recently Trump called Boebert to congratulate her on her primary win.

Florida isn’t the only state the congresswoman has visited this month in her pursuit of campaign cash. Last week she flew to Nashville for a high-dollar dinner with country singer John Rich.

Boebert, a Republican, has been one of the GOP’s most prolific fundraisers, but recent contribution reports show her Democratic opponent closing the gap. Today the Frisch campaign announced raising $890,000 in the most recent FEC filing, raising more between Oct. 1 and Oct. 19 than Boebert did in the three months of the second quarter when she raised $849,000. Nearly 14,000 donors gave to Frisch in this time period, including over 9,000 first-time donors.

Reached for comment, Democratic candidate Adam Frisch said Boebert “routinely ignores her district as she jet sets across the country.”

“I am disappointed but not surprised to hear that Rep. Boebert is once again at Mar-a-Lago rather than focusing on her constituents here in CO-3,” said Frisch. “Voters deserve to hear directly from their elected representatives about the issues that impact their families like inflation, the economy, and the ongoing Colorado River drought. Instead, Boebert routinely ignores her district as she jet sets across the country and avoids holding public town halls. I plan to visit every county in the district between now and Election Day because I believe it is my duty to make myself available to voters to answer their questions and hear their concerns before they decide who to send to Congress.   

“Boebert blew off September’s Club 20 steak fry in September – which she called a ‘fancy dinner’ – because she was at a conference in Woodland Park that day. Instead of attending the Pueblo Farm Bureau’s candidate forum on September 13th, she was campaigning for Karoline Leavitt in New Hampshire. She also missed an Oct. 18 candidate forum in her hometown of Rifle and Action 22’s economic development conference last weekend as she attended a fundraiser in Nashville. I don’t see how spending so much time outside of the district rather than attending important community events helps anyone in CO-3.”

Trump poses with Lauren Boebert’s family and friends

Neither Boebert nor Corporon responded to email requests for comment. This article will be updated with any response received.