During a podcast interview this month, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) former campaign manager, Sherronna Bishop, says that Boebert is “struggling” but has done “exactly what we asked her to do in Congress.”

Bishop said she’s “not allowed” to talk about Boebert, but she did so anyway on America Happens Network News Live with old Corinne Cliford on November 14.

“Listen, she has done exactly what we asked her to do in Congress,” Bishop told Cliford. “She’s held the line. She stuck with Gaetz. She kept McCarthy in check. She has definitely defended our rights.”

Bishop, who hosts “America’s Mom” podcast, once described the far-right Proud Boys as “pro everything that makes America great” and she thanked God for the Proud Boys.

Boebert’s campaign responded in 2020 to news of Bishop’s Proud Boys comment by saying Bishop was no longer associated with Boebert’s campaign. This may explain why Bishop said in the Cliford interview that she wasn’t allowed to talk about Boebert.

Later, Bishop posted an image of herself and Boebert, prompting questions about whether the two were still working together in some capacity.