Another right-wing radio host in Colorado Springs says he’s “been terminated” due to his refusal to get the COVID vaccine as required by his radio station.

Tron Simpson, a weekend KVOR talk-show host and a KKFM announcer, made the announcement on his Facebook page Oct. 9.

Both stations are owned by Cumulus Media, which issued a mandate to employees Aug. 11, giving them until Oct. 11 to get the COVID shot and stating that vaccinations are part of the effort to combat the Delta variant, according to the Radio and Television Business Report, citing information from the blog.

“As of this moment, I will no longer be hosting a talk show on KVOR; nor announcing on KKFM as I have been terminated due to my refusal because of doctor’s orders to receive the Chinese COVID-19 injections,” Tron Simpson said. “Just wanted those who listen to either or both to be aware. Have a great weekend all!”

KVOR’s Jeff Crank, also a conservative weekend radio host on KVOR, refused to get a COVID vaccine and was told last week by the station not to continue his show. He’d been a KVOR talker for over 13 years. His last show was Saturday.

Crank calls the mandate “unethical and immoral.”

In Colorado, one conservative radio host was hospitalized for COVID and another died of the virus.

Crank told the Colorado Times Recorder that he’s not anti-vaccination, just “anti-tyranny,” adding that “if I hadn’t already had COVID and was in poor health or older than I am, I would have talked to my doctor, followed his advice, and would have taken the vaccine if that is what he thought best.”

Radio Ink reports that two other Cumulus Media radio hosts were fired for refusing to get a required COVID vaccination.

Simpson could not be reached for comment. KVOR program manager Bobby Irwin did not return an email seeking comment.