Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters may not be the only Colorado clerk to have possibly tampered with voting machines at the behest of election fraud conspiracy theorists, at least according to one of the state’s leading conspiracists.

Months before the Mesa County District Attorney filed felony charges against Peters’ deputy for her role in confidential voting data being released publicly, election fraud conspiracist Joe Oltmann emailed Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell.

“Might be a good idea to connect,” Oltmann emailed to Powell on Jan. 22 “We have some interesting information on Eric Coomer. You also need to be aware of what we are doing in Colorado in gaining access to the Dominion systems under the radar. We have several county clerks cooperating. Need to settle down the chaos so you can get a grasp on all of the information. The audit in Antrim county is something that will help you in your lawsuit against Dominion as well. They are puffing their chest but the reality is we already have the data to show they are a fraudulent company with a system that is designed to defraud the American people.” [emphasis added]

Oltmann’s Jan. 22 email appears in a legal document filed by former Dominion Voting Systems employee Eric Coomer, as part of his defamation lawsuit against Oltmann, Powell, the Trump Campaign, former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, conservative pundit Michelle Malkin, and numerous other defendants for their roles in falsely accusing him of conspiring to rig the 2020 election for President Biden.

The legal filing also features another Oltmann email from Jan. 22, in which he offers Powell and her colleagues 103GB of raw files from Antrim County, Michigan voting machines. Coomer’s lawyers conclude their summary of these emails by noting, “If true, these are both potentially felonious acts.”

Powell is best known as the Trump campaign attorney who promoted QAnon and whose “Kraken” lawsuits were derided by legal experts. Trump nevertheless promoted her debunked claims even after his campaign’s legal team had fired her.

As reported earlier today by the New York Times, another document included in this response brief makes it clear that the Trump campaign knew the election fraud conspiracy theories related to Dominion Voting Systems were groundless, even as its lawyers Powell, Giuliani, and Coloradan Jenna Ellis continued to promote them publicly.

Oltmann has stated that he first learned of Coomer while attempting to expose journalists (including this one) he believed to be members of Antifa. After promoting the conspiracy on his podcast, it was then amplified by the other defendants, who are either far-right media personalities or linked to the Trump campaign.

Oltmann did not respond to an inquiry asking for comment about which other clerks were cooperating with him or to elaborate on his attempts to “gain access to the Dominion Systems under the radar.” This article will be updated with any response received.

Oltmann, listed as a featured speaker appears on the far left in the 2nd row from the top

Peters only resurfaced in Colorado last week, attending a rally of election fraud conspiracists and her supporters, after having been absent for weeks following her appearance at MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s election fraud conspiracy conference, which Oltmann also attended.

Peters flew to the conference on Lindell’s private jet, accompanied by the same local conspiracists: Sheronna Bishop, who previously served as Lauren Boebert’s campaign manager, Mesa GOP First Vice Chair Jacqueline Anderson and her husband Cory, who is a Three Percenter Militia supporter leading a door-to-door field effort to find “phantom ballots” in multiple counties across the state. Oltmann wasn’t at the rally in person but he did speak via video.

Despite the lawsuit, Oltmann continues to promote the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen. He’s scheduled to speak at this weekend’s “ReAwaken America Tour” in Colorado Springs, a QAnon-linked event that combines election fraud and pandemic conspiracies with headliners General Mike Flynn and Clay Clark.

UPDATE: In an email response received the day after publication, Joe Oltmann denied that Peters was one of the cooperating clerks he referenced in his email to Powell:

Tina was not one of the ones cooperating. There is so much more to come out…. You are an fat evil piece of trash. When I am done with Coomer, I will come for you and the rest of your shill Antifa terrorists.

Warm regards,
Joe Oltmann, Chairman FEC United