Election fraud conspiracist Joe Oltmann now claims he “has access to six separate counties” election data, supposedly in the form of so-called “forensic images” of the Dominion voting machine hard drives.

The Mesa County District Attorney has already filed burglary and cybercrime charges against one of his county’s deputy clerks over her alleged role in such data from her own county’s servers becoming public. Oltmann’s admission could potentially provide evidence of similar crimes by other county clerks across the country.

Oltmann is a former data company CEO turned election conspiracist who was forced out of his CEO role as his relentless promotion of debunked election conspiracies became more visible. He spoke at the Jan. 5 rally in Washington, D.C. the night before the insurrection and is currently being sued by a former Dominion Voting Systems employee for defamation. Oltmann founded FEC United, a far-right grassroots activist group that works has worked closely with the Colorado Republican Party and is affiliated with a militia called the United American Defense Force.

Oltmann’s latest comments, made yesterday on his Conservative Daily podcast, were first noted by Colorado Springs Independent reporter Heidi Beedle. His statement came one day after the Colorado Times Recorder reported on a Jan 22 email, revealed in a legal filing, in which Oltmann reached out to conspiracist Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, telling her, “You also need to be aware of what we are doing in Colorado in gaining access to the Dominion systems under the radar. We have several county clerks cooperating.”

Asked to identify the other clerks, Oltmann at first did not respond, but eventually replied with the following statement:

“Tina was not one of the ones cooperating. There is so much more to come out…. You are an fat evil piece of trash. When I am done with Coomer, I will come for you and the rest of your shill Antifa terrorists.”

In response to a second request to identify the other clerks and explain why if they’d been cooperating since January, nothing has so far been revealed, Oltmann again declined to answer and instead launched various unfounded attacks on this reporter.

“I don’t discuss the why with terrorists,” wrote Oltmann. “You are a terrorist of the worse kind. A white communist pedophile… The information that came out of Mesa is enough to disqualify Dominion. With that said, there is so much more to reveal. We will do that to the public though. Why allow Antifa racist shitbags like you to get ahead of it?”

It’s unclear what Oltmann meant by “come after you,” though he’s previously made similar statements in the context of “doxing” journalists who write stories he doesn’t like.