Both supporters and opponents of U.S. Rep. Lauren Beobert (R-CO) agree that she’s risen to power and fame by being great at getting media attention.


That’s how she ousted a long-time Republican in her district to win her first election. And that’s how she’s become one of the most recognized members of Congress.

Now she’s blaming the media, in part, for why people don’t like her.

Her comment about the media came in response to KHOW radio host Ross Kaminsky’s observation that “a lot of people just don’t like you for whatever reason.”

“Part of it is, I mean the media, they do a great job of dehumanizing me, right?” replied Boebert on Kaminsky’s show June 7. “I mean, you just said you like me as a person. I’m funny. Okay. Well, nobody sees that. That’s not not front page headline on The Denver Post.”

“That’s true,” replied Kaminsky. “And I’d also say you probably don’t always help yourself in that way either. Just being how you are. And I think you kind of don’t give a you-know-what about what other people think of you. I mean, you want to win votes. That’s what you’re doing here. But, I don’t think you’re out there as a people pleaser generally.”

Later in the interview, Boebert said she’s torn about whether she wants so much attention from the media.

“I mean, do I wish I was less in the spotlight?,” she told Kaminsky on air. “Yes and no, right? I mean, I don’t have personal moments.

“I wish I was less on infrared camera. That would be great. But, I mean, there are those aspects. I would like to go to dinner in Fort Collins with my boys and not have random people come up and video us, you know? So, I mean, that kind of stuff bothers me. But also, if I wasn’t who I am and as loud as I am and in the spotlight, then I don’t believe that I would be as effective because in Congress, when I speak, I mean, people listen, I and I’m not saying this in like, a self-aggrandizing way, you know, but I’m one of the few that are invited to those closed-door meetings with leadership, with the speaker of the House, whoever the speaker is.”