Lauren Boebert, who followed multiple QAnon conspiracy channels before deleting her YouTube account as she ran for Congress last year, has accused Democrats yesterday of coming up with “conspiracies that Republicans are insurrectionists.”

“[Democrats] come up with these conspiracies that Republicans are insurrectionists,” said Boebert on KHOW’s Dan Caplis Show yesterday afternoon. “We’re seditionists. We’re traitors. And that’s what needs to stop.”

Caplis failed to ask Boebert what’s conspiratorial about Republicans being insurrectionists, at least the Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol last week and those egging them on.

Neither was Boebert asked about her own record of belief in conspiracy theories.

Boebert is an unabashed supporter of the conspiracy theory that, as she’s put it, “deep state” government workers “appear to be undermining Trump.”

That’s considered a “garden variety” conspiracy these days in light of the prominence of QAnon, a conspiracy theory built largely around the idea that government workers are out to undermine Trump to prevent him from exposing a child sex trafficking network run by Democrats and Hollywood celebrities.

Boebert was clearly a follower of QAnon at one point, having literally followed multiple QAnon channels on YouTube. She also once said she hopes QAnon is real. Now, she says repeatedly that she’s not a follower, but has not denounced the conspiracy.

“Because of their rhetoric, me and my colleagues on the right, we are getting death threats on a daily basis,” Boebert said on air. “And it’s because of their rhetoric that they are calling out on a regular basis. And they are cat calling to their base, who is threatening our lives.”

Boebert is upset at how Democrats have used the Capitol riot to “their advantage.”

Boebert condemned the riots at the U.S. Capitol, saying it was “not okay” and that true conservatives would not attack police or riot.

Her office didn’t return an email seeking comment.