After once saying she hopes QAnon is “real,” Colorado congressional candidate Lauren Boebert now says she doesn’t “follow QAnon,” but she goes on to say, in multiple interviews, that government workers, whom she refers to as the “deep state,” appear to be “actively undermining President Trump.

She also repeatedly expresses support for continued investigation into “thousands of pages” of reports about potential internal government attacks on the “chief executive.”

By distancing herself to some degree from QAnon and then immediately pointing to threats from the “deep state,” Boebert is embracing more “garden variety” conspiracy theories, according to Mark Fenster, a professor of law at the University of Florida and the author of Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture.

“I read [Boebert] as more or less disavowing QAnon in favor of the more garden variety theories that Trump says on Twitter and (previously) in rallies and that appear regularly in conservative and social media hand-waving at the means by which the deep state will finally be revealed,” said Fenster in an email to the Colorado Times Recorder. “It’s Q-like (and similar to plenty of previous breathless conspiracy theorizing) in the sense that there’s a hope, even a promise, that some complex mechanism will finally enable clarity.”

Fenster points out that QAnon is “sucking up all the oxygen in our understanding of right-wing conspiracy theories.”

“Trump was complaining about the ‘deep state’ since the beginning of his presidency, and his willingness to obfuscate and confuse matters in order to suggest that momentous events will imminently occur predated QAnon,” wrote Fenster.

Some of Boebert’s comments show support for Trump Attorney General William Barr’s ongoing investigation into alleged attacks on Trump from within the government, but Boebert’s campaign didn’t return a call to discuss the topic.

But she may be referencing a QAnon conspiracy theory that there’s a second Inspector General report, kept hidden by Trump enemies, that proves there’s a deep state conspiracy against Trump.

Asked about QAnon in an Aug. 12 Breitbart interview, Boebert said, “We have the IG and the AG — We have over 1,000 pages of investigative work of people who work in the government who appear to be actively undermining our chief executive. And I don’t think that it’s radical to want to get to the bottom of that.”

Before the release of last December’s Inspector General report QAnon supporters were expecting it to lead to mass arrests of democrats plotting against Trump and reveal that the Russia investigation was a hoax purported by the Obama administration.

The actual release of the report was a huge disappointment to Qanon as it debunked most of their conspiracy theories.

So, they took up another conspiracy theory that there was a second report that did prove all their theories, including that government employees at the FBI were actively working against Trump.

Listen to Boebert on Breitbart News Tonight Aug. 12: (Jump to 9:20 for her the QAnon question & answer.)