Below are comments in response to the Colorado Times Recorder’s article last month titled, “How About Eating Denver’s Squirrels?

The piece described Denver’s decision last year to kill 1,662 geese at Washington Park, Sloan’s Lake, and elsewhere, and to feed them to families in need. “Why not do the same with squirrels?” the article asked.

Here are some of the responses from CTR’s Facebook page:

Rabies anyone? There’s a reason we have strict regulations regarding food safety. Although if the Republicans had their way we all would be eating lead.

Yeah, that’s not how rabies works though. It’s impractical, but I don’t think they’re proposing squirrel nigiri.

Do YOU want to clean 1600 squirrels?

The population could be wiped out faster than other mammals due to the small amounts of proteins and fats. You can not live off of squirrel.

Any consistent source of high protein can harm, but let me tell you all…there is nothing like buttermilk, and flour dredged, pan fried squirrel, whipped potatoes, homemade white gravy, slow cooked green beans with garlic and onion…

That is what myself and 11 siblings had for supper once a week…Thank God my parents were resourceful, they kept us fed…

I have eaten squirrel. It is nasty. Also, there is no meat on the bones. You would be talking a massive amount of labor to have enough to feed any large group. You could starve to death trying to live off of squirrels. Good luck with that.

Fried squirrel is awesome!

Been smoking them lightly, then air frying to crisp them.

How about vegetables instead of killing sentient beings.

Squirrel is very good eating, just small…

The squirrels aren’t a problem. Leave them be.

How about fruits, nuts, beans and veggies and leave the animals alone?

So, we’re leaving nothing for the predators?

Let’s just kill everything that annoys us. What a pathetic species we are.

Do you want Covid-20? Because this is how you get Covid-20.

Unbelievable. Why is the answer always to kill? If the City has enough money to kill animals, they can relocate them and buy substantial food for the needy. 

Leave the squirrels alone!!

Rodents with fluffy tails. NO thank you.

Why are you people actually debating eating squirrels?

Bahahaha. I’m here for the comments.

My understanding is that our Front Range urban squirrels aren’t native. Settlers introduced fox squirrels from the South for a handy source of meat. The population has exploded in the last 50-75 years because no one hunts them anymore.

Including natural predators we have also killed off…but daily I see dead squirrels hit by cars or killed by domestic animals…what has happened in our world that humans have become so speciesist? We seem to get more and more put out by other animals…and allow the proliferation of humans in our increasingly dense neighborhoods…

Tastes like chicken… scrawny, way-greasy chicken.

I worked with a guy whose mom would make him squirrel meat sandwiches for lunch.

Why not just give them condoms?

There’s a lot of people coming in to Colorado we should eat them too!!!

Oh, is that not how it works?!

I would never eat an animal who knocks on my door asking for peanuts.


Ten squirrels per family.


Ah no; stick with Canada Geese! 


I told Granny, no thanks.

A colleague from Tennessee says the East Coast grey squirrels taste better but the fox and pine squirrels here are certainly edible.

They are NOT native to Denver. Brought here in 1908. They have adjusted to our environment. I support your efforts. I trap mine and release them near some falcons. They don’t go to waste.

They so cute.

I will try anything once.

Can we eat pigeons. I have lots of pigeons!

Squirrel is good!

Let them eat rodents!

Squirrel soup.

Grew up on rabbit & squirrel. Time-consuming to clean but satisfying when you’re hungry.

Our urban wildlife is a source of great pleasure for those of us who are handicapped and cannot do the trails etc. These animals ARE the joy of going to the parks for many. Add to it the nepotism in Denver local politics. If people want parks sterile from wildlife, build concrete parks. For those of us who go specifically to see/paint/photograph urban wildlife, leave them alone. One of the effects of Denver’s gentrification moves– kill, kill, kill.

Squirrel. The OTHER white meat….

Hypothetical spitballing for the sake of content?

I remember seeing my dad clean and cook squirrel once when I was very young, but I don’t remember if I liked it or not.

Don’t worry about the bubonic plague.

You can have the ones over here, there are a ton of the nasty little vermin.

You can have the squirrels that damage my bird feeders. Can I drop them by your house?

Try one and tell us if it tastes good. I have heard that many do not, and for some, it would only be the hind legs. Keep us posted.