In light of GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence’s visit to Loveland, CO, Wednesday, four leading Colorado Democrats released statements urging Coloradans not to vote for Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. They highlighted Trump’s “hateful and divisive” rhetoric as a key reason why Coloradans should cast their ballots for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton instead.

The Pence visit and the statements came as a University of Denver poll showed a tie between Trump and Clinton in Colorado. A more recent poll, however, finds Clinton ahead of Trump by six points in the state.

U.S. Congressman Jared Polis, District 2 

“Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric continues to alienate large numbers of voters, and his consistent history of reckless and disrespectful behavior is unworthy of the presidency. The unstable Trump-Pence ticket would hurt our economy and destroy jobs, and it remains clear that Hillary is the most qualified, responsible candidate in this election by a wide margin.”

State Representative Joann Ginal (D-HD52)

“Mike Pence can visit our state anytime he likes, but he’s never going to convince Coloradans that the Trump-Pence ticket respects or stands with our state’s values. Coloradans deserve real leadership — not a bully who’s made a habit out of demeaning women, disrespecting minorities, and promoting division across the country. On November 8, this country is going to send a clear message that we are stronger together, and Colorado is going to play a key role in that process. ”

State Representative Jeni Arndt (D-HD53)

“From his repeated insults on minorities, veterans, and citizens with disabilities to his blatant disrespect for and objectification of women, Donald Trump has established himself as the most discriminatory and reckless presidential candidate in history. He is unqualified to serve as president and unfit to lead our great nation, and the Trump-Pence ticket’s attempts to divide America and Coloradans will backfire in a huge way on Election Day, when Hillary Clinton is elected the 45th President of the United States.”

State Representative Dave Young (D-HD50)

“I have represented this area for more than five years and if there is anything I’ve learned it’s that my constituents want someone representing them who can solve problems, grow the economy, and work with others to get things done. I believe that Hillary Clinton is that leader. All we have seen from Donald Trump this election season is hateful and divisive rhetoric. From ridiculing people with disabilities to attacking a Gold Star Family, Trump has proven time and time again that he does not have the temperament or experience to be commander-in-chief.”

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