Below is an updated guide on where Colorado Republicans stand on Trump. Please send me new information and updates, as the list changes rapidly with each speech, tweet, debate, and video.

Elected Officials Who Jumped Aboard the Trump Train, AND Affirmed Support after The Release of Trump’s lewd Comments

U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton (affirmed support here)

U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn (affirmed support here)

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck (affirmed support here)

State Rep. Jon Becker

State Rep. J. Paul Brown

State Rep. Perry Buck

State Rep. Justin Everett

State Rep. Polly Lawrence 

State Rep. Tim Leonard

State Rep. Paul Lundeen

State Rep. Patrick Neville

State Rep. Clarice Navarro

State Rep. Dan Nordberg

State Rep. Bob Rankin

State Rep. Lori Saine

State Rep. Jim Wilson

State Rep. John Cooke

State Rep. Kent Lambert

State Rep. Vicki Marble

State Rep. Tim Neville

State Rep. Ray Scott

State Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg

State Rep. Joann Windholz

State Rep. Laura Woods

El Paso Country Commissioner Peggy Littleton


Elected Official Who May Not Vote For President At All

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (His spokeswoman said her boss would “absolutely” back the GOP presidential nominee, but Coffman later hedged, and now Coffman says he won’t vote for Trump.) Now Coffman is saying he’s not sure he’ll cast a ballot for president.


Elected Officials who Backed Trump, Dumped Him, but Haven’t Said Whom They Will Vote for

SenCory Gardner (once called Trump a “buffoon,” then said he’d vote for him (after being asked seven times), and then dumped him. Gardner said he’d write-in Pence, but if he does, his vote won’t count, because it’s too late to do this, under Colorado rules. So we don’t know whom Gardner is voting for.


Candidate Who Said He Would Vote for Trump, Then Decided Against It, and Then Jumped Back On Board with Trump!

El Paso County Commissioner and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn


Elected Officials Who’ve Expressed their Support for Trump but Not Necessarily Confirmed It since the Lewed Video

Former State Rep. Greg Brophy  (if Trump is nominee)

State Sen. President Bill Cadman (if Trump is nominee)

A reporter characterized State Rep. Don Coram as a Trump fan

State Rep. Dan Thurlow.


Elected Officials Who Were Undecided Along the Way

State Rep. Kathleen Contiwho’s said, “I’m hearing growing support for [Libertarian] Gary Johnson.”

State Sen. Kevin Grantham.

State RepYuelin Willet


Former Elected Officials Backing Trump

Former Colorado Senate President John Andrews

Former Rep. Bob Beauprez

Former Rep. Jon Keyser (He reiterated  his support here.)

Former CU Regent Tom Lucero

Former State Rep. Spencer Swalm (an “out-of-the-closet” endorser)


Former Elected Officials Who Will Not Vote for Trump

Former State Sen. Shawn Mitchell (also left GOP, posting on Facebook, “Whores don’t merit unwavering loyalty.”).


Candidates Backing Trump

George Athanasopoulos (Running against Perlmutter)

Arapahoe County Commissioner Nancy Doty

House District 1 candidate Raymond Garcia

Casper Stockham, who’s the Republican challenging Rep. Diana DeGette.

House District 14 candidate Jeff Williams


Notable Republicans Who said, “We May Be Seeing the Final months of the Existence of the Republican Party”

Former Rep. Bob Schaffer


Colorado GOP Officials Who’ve Left Republican Party

Vice Chair of Rio Grande County GOP Patrick Crowder

Chair of House District 43 Republicans Craig Steiner.

Activist Jennifer Raiffie (Facebook)