critical race theory pops your varicose
& you want to suture the flow
of free radical neurons

by cutting off kids’ heads from their library books
or by banning the blood ink of certain authors
in a MAGAtime virtual cauterization

for sure you won’t want to hear
from Sao Paulo’s Freire
about his Christian Socialist praxis:

between air & bare-meat-&-bones
between Twitter & TicToc
pedagogy doctors the etherizing table

what air & sea & savvy’s left us
will come from our biologists & biologems

reading all the med charts of the multiverse
opening to the secret entheogenic
magic of what is in place

preparing our bombshelter toolkits
for the thousand-armed changes
of Kali Tellus Pachamama

& too from our bards of indigenous
wisdom or atman privilege, declaiming
the poetry of the oppressed