In a radio interview last week, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) presented herself as a victim in last year’s vaping and groping incident at the Buell Theater in Denver, telling a radio host that she “can’t even go to a theater without that being, you know, broadcast to the world.”

Boebert has repeatedly joked about the Beetlejuice incident on the campaign trail, even after she apologized for it.


The latest comment came during a conversation on KHOW’s Dan Caplis Show during which Boebert trashed U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, who will leave his seat this weak, forcing a special election in Colorado’s conservative 4th Congressional District (CD4), where Boebert is running now after abandoning her current district in December.

“Ken Buck is, so irrelevant and such an embarrassment to Colorado,” said Boebert on air. “…You know, people ask me about Ken Buck as well, and mostly it’s, why does he hate America?”

Also in the radio appearance, Boebert took a shot at one of her GOP primary opponents, former state lawmaker Jerry Sonnenberg, and other Republican figures whom she considers ineffective “establishment” Republicans.

“Look, you have former Senator Gardner, former Senator Cory Gardner and establishment types like Greg Brophy, who have endorsed Jerry Sonnenberg, a Ukraine-first candidate, a good old boy establishment guy. Sure, he seems nice, but is he going to fight for America? I doubt it,” asked Boebert on air.

Boebert’s radio comment on the Beetlejuice performance came up in the context of what might scandals about her might emerge.

“As far as oppo research, I am very clearly an open book. And, I can’t even go to a theater without that being, you know, broadcast to the world. So there’s nothing new or hidden that’s coming out about me,” she said on air.

Boebert at a Beetlejuice performance last year.

CLARIFICATION: Boebert’s full quote about the Beetlejuice event was added shortly after publication of this story.