If you were caught groping and vaping in a theater near a pregnant woman — and you made a big deal about apologizing and explaining how “challenging” your life had been lately — you wouldn’t joke about it repeatedly in public. Would you?


Maybe you’d mock your own behavior in private among friends or something, but you wouldn’t use your offensiveness as a laugh line in front of hundreds of people.

But you’re not U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert.

She’s been sprinkling her speeches with jokes about her night out at the Buell Theater ever since she got tossed from the Beetlejuice production. And she hasn’t let up since she decided to run in a new congressional district, after abandoning her old district because her behavior as a congresswoman turned voters there against her.

Boebert reached for a theater joke just this month in what appears to be her first public appearance in front of voters in her new congressional race. 

At a Jan. 4 meet-and-greet at the LongHorn Steakhouse in the far southeastern corner of Colorado, about as far from her hometown as you can get in our state, Boebert tried to ingratiate herself to the crowd by making light of her much-maligned comment to theater personnel who confronted her over her unruly behavior.

At the Buell theater, Boebert asked the staff, “Do you know who I am?”

At the Baca County GOP meet-and-greet, Boebert said, “Many of you know who I am. I don’t have to ask, like the ushers at the Buell theater.” 

No one at the steakhouse could be heard laughing at that knee-slapper. See Boebert’s Jan. 4 joke here:

Boebert’s first joke about the theater incident came on Sept. 15, just hours after she’d made what appeared to be a sincere apology for her adolescent behavior, expressing her “regret” and saying the days after her “unacceptable” behavior were “difficult and humbling” and that she “fell short my values.”

“I’m here to lift that burden off of you, to represent you, and to avoid infrared cameras,” Boebert told fellow Republicans, sounding like a busted teenager, at the Sept. 15 GOP fundraiser near Trinidad.

Boebert closed her speech with, “It is an honor to serve you, and if any of you go and see ‘Beetlejuice,’ please let me know how it ends.” See Boebert’s Sept. 15 joke here.

The Trinidad audience laughed, which would not have made me feel good if I’d been chastised by a pregnant woman the week prior.

But the laughter appears to have inspired Boebert.

She delivered the same “tell-me-how-the-show-ends” joke a couple of weeks later in a fundraising speech in Ouray, in southwestern Colorado. 

Her Jokes are in line with her dismissive first comments about being booted from the Buell. 

“It’s true, I did thoroughly enjoy the AMAZING Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre and I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud!” she stated initially, insisting she didn’t vape in the theater.

She was trying to be funny there, too. And knowing Boebert, she’ll continue dropping Beetlejuice lines, even though a normal person would think they make her apology look meaningless.

But the only ones laughing now are Boebert’s opponents in her race to represent Colorado’s 4th Congressional District.