for Towny Anderson

Corporate ski
Corporate sky
Corporate investor eye

It was the disembodied ‘80s
& money was moving in

By the time
McRedeye hitched
a ride To-Hell-U-Ride
the upwardly mobile were
on a downhill slide

Laying out lines
for Christendom’s
high peaks

Even the West End slickrockers
strung out on uranium
& crystal meth

Calling it Scrapple
Pig’s foot. A sow’s ear

Southern Rocky Mountain
Sacrifice Area
funky black op
Lalaland for urban has-beens
& maverick haven’t-beens
let out to grass

Valley cows
milking the elks’ meadows

New Yorker cartoons
in dazzling Dali frames

All spilling over in freebox

Woodsies on pine sap
Yuppies gone Gucci
Peaceniks & stock brokers

Back then
uranium was still top dog
on the county’s economic totem pole

Anything seemed better
than another big stick bully boy orgy of
extractive looting
the 19th Century called “striking it rich”
where you dig up old weath
Mill it. Defang it
& then haul it away to distant markets
as booty or bounty

Today we use a gondola
Bring ‘em here
for a time share film fest
best of show visit
& then send them packing

And yet, surely
better trophy homes
than ore trucks & abandoned adits
or heads on palace walls

But what remains
after the tourist industrialization of place
is, after all, far more invidious
than even the incandescent Bulkeley Wells
could have dreamed of

Lighting up the San Juans
with technicolor centerfold real estate ads

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash