In 2023 the Colorado Times Recorder reported on statewide and national reproductive justice stories. From ballot initiatives to this year’s “Safe Access to Protected Health Care” package of legislation, Colorado has moved to protect access to reproductive health care in post-Roe America. CTR also covered the efforts of anti-abortion activists, Republican attempts at anti-abortion legislation and ballot initiatives, and the abortion abolition movement that is gaining ground across the country.

Here is just some of our coverage this year:
-“How Abortion Has Shaped Colorado Elections.”

-“Rosemary’s Baby: The Satanic Temple and Abortion.”

-“The New Abolitionists: The Christian Anti-Abortion Movement Gaining Ground in State Legislatures.”

-“The Army of Gideon: Anti-Abortion Activism in Wichita.”

-“Wheat and Chaff, Sheep and Goats: Divides Within the Christian Anti-Abortion Movement.”

-“On 25th Anniversary, Latina Advocacy Group Lauded for Raising and Empowering the ‘Voices of Those Who Are Most Marginalized.’”

-“Polis: ‘Democrats Don’t Believe that Abortion is Good. We Believe It’s Bad’.”

-“Title Board Rejects Economic Arguments from Anti-Abortion Advocates.”

-“‘The Pro-life Community Finds Themselves on Their Heels:’ Activists React to National Abortion Ballot Measures.”

-“Senators Oppose Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBTQ ‘Poison Pills’.”