Speaking on a livestreamed audio chat last week, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert lamented the current lack of Republican Party fundraising in Colorado and nationally. She told the hosts of an X.com Spaces chat which also featured U.S. Reps Matt Gaetz and George Santos that she is solely responsible for the Republican Party raising money in Colorado, specifically calling out her colleague (and former state GOP chair) Ken Buck.

Boebert, who won the closest congressional race in the country last year, has indeed raised more than any other Republican in Colorado; she’s pulled in about $2.5M so far this year. That amount is over ten times more than either Buck or Lamborn, but still only about a third of the total raised by her Democratic challenger Adam Frisch.

Read the full transcript of Boebert’s Oct. 19 remarks, which took place at the 2:50:30 mark of the over 5-hour discussion, below:

“You’re talking about Florida and Texas being the number one fundraisers for the Republican Party,” Boebert said. “That is why every other state needs to step up and back Republicans that they believe in. Because Colorado- we don’t have that. I can’t say that Colorado is backing the Republican Party in fundraising. This is why we need grassroots effort throughout the country. I cannot carry the weight- I mean, I can, but right now I am the only one carrying the weight of the Republican Party in the entire state of Colorado. My conservative colleague Ken Buck has dropped off the rails in this. So I need help. We need help. So if you don’t want Florida and Texas to dictate it, well, then we need other states stepping up and contributing to the candidates to actually mean something in these races, those who are actually standing up and giving you voice. Look, you can’t vote for us, but I promise you, I vote for you every day I’m in Washington, D.C.”