In new $300,000 ad campaign began yesterday in Pueblo, calling out Republican Representative Lauren Boebert (CO-03) for, as characterized in a press release, “failing to create economic opportunities and lower costs for Coloradans and our families.”

The campaign is a joint effort from Colorado non-profit Rocky Mountain Values, local veterans, and seniors, and will feature digital, television, radio, print, and mail ads.

Rocky Mountain Values is a non-profit run by Coloradoans, founded with the purpose of giving a voice to those who do not have one, and to “shine a spotlight on the negative impact of Rep. Boebert’s voting record.”

The ad points to Boebert’s most recent opposition to the debt limit deal struck between President Biden and Congress on Saturday.

This campaign was announced yesterday, June 1, with Puebloans from all different backgrounds each voicing their frustration with Rep. Boebert for her “gamesmanship that is driving the country toward default on its debts,” as said in a press release.

The ad calls attention to Rep. Boebert’s voting record, encouraging her constituents to hold her accountable for not advocating in the district’s best interests and challenging her to listen to what Puebloans have to say.

Rep. Lauren Boebert

On Thursday, Rocky Mountain Values held a kickoff for their ad campaign featuring constituents of Colorado’s Third Congressional District sharing stories about how Rep. Boebert’s performance has impacted and even hurt them.

The event also served as a “call to action for Coloradans to advocate for Boebert to listen when they say they want lower health care and prescription costs, lower day-to-day costs, better jobs, and the ability to confidently retire,” as stated in Rocky Mountain Value’s media advisory.

Residents who spoke were critical of Rep. Boebert.

Veteran Jerry Solano said, “Boebert has voted repeatedly to make life harder for Pueblo veterans like me. I’ve had two open heart surgeries, and without Medicare, I would have never been able to take care of that myself – and I probably wouldn’t be here today. To think that she is putting the country at risk of national default only to fight for weakening Medicare and other programs is ridiculous to me.”

Solano was just one of several Coloradans voicing their dissatisfaction and concern with Rep. Boebert.