“Sign in the presence of an election judge,” reads the Douglas County Voter Signature Card, a document that every in-person voter must sign before casting a ballot on Election Day. Like thousands of other voters in the conservative county, election fraud conspiracist Joe Oltmann signed one on Nov. 8 last year. The statement on the card is unequivocal:

“I affirm under penalty of perjury that I am a United States citizen and an eligible elector; I have been a Colorado resident for at least twenty-two days immediately before this election; I am registered to vote at my sole legal place of residence; I will be at least eighteen years of age on election day; and this is the only ballot I have voted in this election.”

The Douglas County Clerk’s office provided a blank copy of its 2022 voter signature card in response to an open records request. 

Here’s the problem: Oltmann insists he isn’t a Colorado resident and hasn’t been for a year or more. He’s said it to the Colorado Times Recorder, he’s said it publicly on his podcast, and most importantly, he’s said it under oath during a court deposition in December. 

Reached for comment, a spokesperson for Douglas County Clerk Sheri Davis offered the following statement regarding Oltmann’s contradictory sworn testimony and voting record:

“Yes, the Douglas County Office of Clerk and Recorder is aware of the matter you describe below, and is cooperating with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.”

Oltmann declined to answer questions about his voting during a phone interview last week, choosing instead to threaten this journalist, an exchange he then shared on a subsequent episode of his podcast. This article will be updated with any response received.