Despite clear proof that getting a COVID vaccination is the best way to stay out of the hospital and the morgue if you get the disease, Colorado Republican leader Randy Corporon continues to rail against COVID vaccinations, saying evidence increasingly shows that “so-called vaccines” don’t protect you from anything and that unproven drugs, like Ivermectin, work.


“I’m just hoping that America wakes up in time,” said Corporon on his KNUS radio show Saturday. “Because I fear long-term medical harm to people who take these so-called vaccines.”

Corporon cited evidence from his radio guest, Dr. Peter McCullough, whose views on multiple vaccine topics have been fact-checked as wrong.

Corporon said his whole family had contracted COVID, which Corporon calls “flu-rona,” and they had access to unproven treatments, including Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Vitamin D, and “everybody within a few days was feeling great.”

Corporon called the push for COVID-19 boosters a “money game” for business interests, saying the “evidence is clearly showing [vaccinations] don’t protect you from anything.”

“A lot of lawyers — I’m a lawyer — are trusting the science, and they’re vaccinated,” said Corporon on air. “They’re boosted. And they are sick as dogs right now with flu-rona. And so it’s becoming more and more nonsense, everything we hear from the Supreme Court yesterday, the CDC.”

Corporon told the Colorado Times Recorder that he’s “not anti-vaccinations,” though he chose not to be vaccinated against COVID and would advise his family to “avoid the jab.”

“I am anti-propaganda, anti-coercion, and anti-mandates,” he said.

He contracted COVID-19 himself, describing it as producing “miserable flu-like symptoms, nausea, fever, cough, sneezing, exhausted, all at different times.”

“For instance, the start for me was vomiting and nausea for two days,” he said via text. “Then felt better other than extra tired for a couple of days till the coughing and sneezing, mostly coughing, and weakness kicked in.” He treated himself at home.

In addition to promoting misinformation about COVID, Corporon is a leading election conspiracist nationally.

In 2020, Corporon defeated Colorado Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Eli Bremer and others in an election by Colorado GOP activists leaders to represent Colorado Republicans on a national governing committee.

In that 2020 race, Corporon crushed his closest opponent, former state Senate President Bill Cadman, by a 41% to 22% margin. Bremer got 15%.

Last year, Corporan represented a small group of city workers in a failed legal challenge to Denver’s vaccine mandate, telling The Denver Post at the time, “This is not a medical issue anymore, this is a highly politicized issue.” Corporon points to a police officer who claims the COVID vaccination made him unable to walk and debilitated him generally.

Corporon’s KNUS colleague Steffan Tubbs won’t say if he’s vaccinated and won’t advise his listeners to get the shot. He was hospitalized with COVID last year. Nashville conservative talker Phil Valentine, 61, died of COVID in August after expressing regret at having been a vaccine skeptic.