If you’re looking for smoke signals that Colorado Republicans will moderate their views to appeal to Unaffiliated voters who decide Colorado elections these days, stop reading this article now.

The Colorado Republican Party just elected a leading Tea Party activist to represent the Colorado GOP on a Republican National Convention committee.

The obscure vote, by GOP delegates from counties across the state at the online Colorado Republican Party convention, featured a classic battle among candidates representing the establishment, moderate, and Tea Party patriot elements of the party.

And the Tea Party emerged victorious, in the form of KNUS talk-radio host and lawyer Randy Corporon, who’s a founder of the Arapahoe County Tea Party.

Corporon crushed his closest opponent, former state Senate President Bill Cadman, by a 41% to 22% margin. Other losing candidates, representing different party factions, were Andy Jones (18%) and Eli Bremer (15%) and Farid Jalil (3%).

Corporon’s victory marked a win for House Republican leader Patrick Neville of Castle Rock, who endorsed Corporon as a skilled grassroots organizer whom “we need at this time and place.” Former GOP State Sen. Ted Harvey also endorsed Corporon, calling him a “hero of mine.”

Former Colorado lawmaker Greg Brophy waged a high-profile campaign against Corporon, tweeting at one point, “Randy Corporon walked out on President Trump at the RNC in 2016. Should he be our RNC committeeman?”

But the fact that Corporon had the endorsement of the Trump Campaign apparently put to rest fears that Corporon, a Cruz delegate in 2016, was anti-Trump.

Brophy backed Cadman who’s seen as a moneyed establishment figure in the party.