Conservative group FEC United is hosting an “Abolish The Curfew” event starting at Bandimere Speedway tonight at 8:30 PM.

Neither the state of Colorado nor Jefferson County, where the racetrack is located, has imposed a curfew. However, several municipalities with skyrocketing COVID rates including the City of Denver and Adams County, have instituted a 10:00 PM “Safer at Home” curfew. The event is presumably intended to protest any and all curfews related to the pandemic.

The group is asking supporters to meet at the racetrack at 8:30 PM tonight. According to the flier, attendees will then “[Leave] Bandimere to have our voices heard at a location influential at determining unlawful restrictions.” It isn’t clear from the announcement whether attendees will gather in person and travel together or remain in their vehicles before driving to another location.

FEC United founder Joe Oltmann declined to comment on the event or its eventual destination, replying via Facebook message only that he “doesn’t speak to Antifa.”

FEC United has been involved in multiple events at Bandimere over the past several months.

It promoted a Sept. 1 “Stop the COVID Chaos” rally (headlined by former Colorado GOP leader Patrick Neville) that resulted in the county suing the racetrack for “blatant violations” of state and county public health orders.

FEC also hosted a campaign event for various Republican statehouse and municipal candidates in October.

Reached for comment, Jefferson County Public Health spokesperson Ashley Server provided the following statement:

“Given the critical situation we are in with regards to the virus, we continue to strongly encourage all Jeffco residents to take precautions to prevent COVID-19, including wearing a mask, staying 6 ft. apart and avoiding gatherings. Please note that currently, there is no ‘curfew’ in effect in Jeffco.

JCPH currently is in litigation with Bandimere regarding enforcement of public health orders. At this time, we are awaiting the Court’s decision on a motion for preliminary injunction. Because litigation is pending, JCPH has no further comment at this time.”

Jeffco Sheriff spokesperson Mike Taplin confirmed that the department was aware of the event, noting that the JCPH handles enforcement at private businesses like Bandimere.

The flier makes several economic policy arguments against restrictions, citing the number of businesses closing down and questioning whether stricter limits will force even more to shut their doors.

It also characterizes the pandemic as a “false narrative” that threatens the entire nation, and leaders implementing public health restrictions as tyrants and corrupt monarchs. It concludes with a quote from the Declaration of Independence justifying the need for revolution.

Read the full event announcement below:

JOIN US: Abolish the Curfew.
November 11, 2020

What is the American Dream?
Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
• Can you survive at 25% occupancy and income as a small business?
• Can you afford to make concessions according to the new mandate (not law)?
• Can we afford to lose another wave of small businesses?
• We have lost over 30% of small businesses while corporation box stores and conglomerates are nearly doubled in revenue. Is this representative of the American Dream?

• Is COVID-19 worth losing what this country has been built on?
• FREEDOM was the very basis of what our countrymen fought and died for.
• We must fight this false narrative as we risk losing everything we have built as a country.
• How many families have to lose their homes and livelihoods before we stand up to the tyranny?

• Why are Suicide rates not released, yet COVID testing is updated weekly?
• The number of testing is up due to availability, deaths are down ….. but how many people are really getting sick from COVID-19, especially with flu deaths being extraordinarily low in 2020?
• Holiday season is a time for family and giving thanks for all that we have, and all that we have labored for.
• Are you willing to sacrifice your dreams and pursuits while those who consider themselves above you do as they please?

Laws were written so that we may live as free Americans, we are not their peasants, they are not above the law. They don’t get to sit upon their thrones and decide who survives and who falls. Their corporate sponsors are reveling In the American family failure. Their pockets are
lined by the money diverted from the American Dream and the American Family.

Meet at the rally point at 8:30PM, November 11, Gate B at Bandimere Speedway. Don’t be late!

Bring American Flags and non-political patriotic attire. Leaving Bandimere to have our voices heard at a location influential at determining the unlawful restrictions.