“Does anyone know who employed Darwin, where Darwinism comes from? Look it up: the Rothschilds.”

When it comes to anti-Semitic tropes, the Rothschilds is an old one — dating back more than 200 years. And despite the fact that the conspiracies attributed to them — and by extension to all Jews — have been exhaustively investigated and disproven myriad times, former 60 Minutes correspondent and outspoken anti-Semite Lara Logan clearly has an anti-Jewish agenda to push. 

The quote above was hers, from her appearance on the QAnon-affiliated podcast And We Know on March 28. Logan’s career has been in a tailspin since she was ejected from CBS News and 60 Minutes after they had to retract her story on Benghazi, and then even sidelined by Fox News for her comparison of Anthony Fauci to notorious Nazi murderer Josef Mengele. That last ugly display also cost her her representation by United Talent Agency, who cut ties with her shortly after the segment aired.

The fact that she has a job in anything approaching a journalism field at this point is beyond laughable. Darwin was independently wealthy; his family’s fortune came largely from his mother’s side. She was the daughter of Josiah Wedgwood who made his fortune via the Wedgwood company, which revolutionized the industrialization of pottery in Europe in the late 18th Century. The Rothschilds had no interest whatsoever in Darwin’s scientific pursuits. Never mind the fact that Logan also was openly questioning the veracity of the Theory of Evolution as well. 

The upsetting part is that she has so much company these days when it comes to the ubiquity of anti-Semitic activity on our shores and across the globe. In the last week alone:

While the numbers for 2021 haven’t come out yet, the FBI 2020 Hate Crime report revealed a sobering statistic: When adjusted for population, Jews are the number one ethnic group targeted by hate crimes in the United States.

This all begs the bigger question for you: What are you doing about it?