Larimer County, Colorado, Sheriff Justin Smith thinks Colorado’s elections are fair and the presidential election was won by Biden.

In a Nov. 4 Facebook post, Smith called on fellow Republicans to stop promoting “conspiracy theories” that the election was stolen from Trump and described the voting process in Larimer County as “orderly” and “credible.”

Smith, a term-limited Republican, wrote on Facebook that “many in the Republican Party have embraced similar theories about a conspiracy between the Democratic Party and Dominion Voting Systems, insisting that until their theories are wholly and irrevocably debunked that we must presume the election was stolen.”

“Promoting these conspiracy theories only serves to suppress the turnout of registered Republicans while simultaneously turning off the independent and unaffiliated voters that reign supreme in current day Colorado elections,” he wrote.

Asked by the Colorado Times Recorder if he believes conspiracy theories that the 2020 presidential election was stolen have been wholly debunked and that Biden was elected fairly, Smith replied, “No election since the beginning of time has been without some problems. However, I believe the 2020 presidential election was as legitimate as the 2016 presidential election.”

Smith is concerned about Colorado election law “pertaining to electioneering and ballot harvesting,” but he has confidence in the “vote-counting process” across Colorado.

“I am confident in the actual vote-counting processes inside my county clerk’s office and I generally believe that integrity of physical vote-counting extends across the state, but I remain concerned about the extreme gaps in current Colorado election law pertaining to electioneering and ballot harvesting,” Smith told the Colorado Times Recorder via e-mail. “Our current electioneering laws were crafted when voters went to traditional voting booths and those protections kept electioneering at least 100 feet from a polling location. Now that the vast majority of citizens vote from their homes, we need to modernize those protections to assure that protections are extended to the current ‘voting booth.’ Ballot harvesting is a way of altering the outcome of elections, so we need to have fair and enforceable laws to assure that illegal ballot harvesting is not occurring. The current law is utterly unenforceable and is ripe with opportunities to sway the outcomes of our elections. If we want to protect the sanctity of our votes, we must update at least those two provisions before the 2022 election.”

Nationally, GOP politicians are facing pressure from some Republican voters to align with Trump in making the baseless claim that the 2020 election was fraud-filled, even though polls show that many swing voters think otherwise.

Few elected Republicans in Colorado have joined Smith in publicly rejecting claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. On such Republican, state Sen. Kevin Priola (R-Henderson), shared a CNN article calling Trump a “sore loser” on Twitter.

Some local GOP candidates and officials, including gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl and U.S. Senate candidate Eli Bremer, have remained mum on the 2020 election nationally while expressing confidence in Colorado’s election system.

Larimer County is located in northern Colorado.

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