Four Left Turns
Cats, Dogs and Fragments of My Imagination


Since the most macho cars sit lowest
The ultimate expression 
Of the male id would be
A gleaming sheet of steel
Driven by a flathead

Poudèle French poodle 
Püdle German poodle
Puddle melted poodle
Paddle poodle pattie
Piddle poodle pee

I am better at being here now
Than being there tomorrow
At times this has caused problems

Counselors will tell you to
Imagine putting your bad thoughts
Into the trash
There’s a garbage can
Sitting next to my bed
Just how much trash can it hold
I visualize my thoughts
Erupting out of that garbage can
Like missiles seeking targets
Anyway you’ve got to be kidding me
Thoughts are immaterial
You might as well say
Nuke them

I saw a tense young woman
Push her toddler’s swing so hard
That the kid flew around the top bar
No, that’s not true
So many things might be true
Trust me

How can we be expected
To cope with the past
When the present is present

I dreamed a dog attacked our cat
I dreamed I brought the cat to a dog party
I dreamed I was an idiot

“Female specific”
So many ways to go with this notion
One Direction?

Up north the expression ‘bug hour’
Refers to the time at dusk
When you retreat inside
To escape the pestilent scourge of
Mosquitoes, black flies and gnats
You may have a drink
Before returning outdoors
To the evening cool
2020 was like that

Tinsel’s better as a transitive verb
Lewis Carroll would have liked
To tinsel many things

Would like to tackle things
Like you would tinsel them
What the hell happened to tinsel anyway?

Happened to tinsel my cat the other day
Then I tackled it
That was a tinselled tackled cat
How about

Traffic in India
Every wheel for itself

Board up board down
Surround sound
Build, build

‘Tugboat’ (var.)
A sexual portmanteau
You’re welcome

You claim
That your memories are true
That can’t be right
Let’s tally and divide our memories
And find the median

I tore a retina
My vision’s a little foggy
The doctor said it was
Maybe a blow to the head
May be

I see myself without glasses

Go for it
Go to goal
Grind it out
Get in there
Give it your all
Get. Lost.

Winsome is as winsome does

If you listen to the fire dispatch calls
From nine eleven
You’ll hear the dispatcher end phrases
With “K”
I don’t know why they do this
But I can’t help thinking of that dispatcher
As a parent
Seeking gentle confirmation
From the child
He is sending to his death

A glider soars, banks, rises
Without a sound
Held aloft by the unseen
If only the unseen could
Hold me aloft

Often I like to be around people
But not with them
What version of intimacy
Is this

Reason begets delusion
Order fosters chaos
Stability enables collapse
This is our internet

Crystals bear psychic power
In the same way that
Hummingbirds hatch hamburgers

A snowdrop pushes its downy head
Through winter leaf mold
Joe Biden’s inauguration

Strew the paper
Screw the news

Feldspar pyrite fool’s gold
Yellow sulphur
The earth provides
And denies
Dig dig dig
Mephisto’s loose

I would like to be
Hermetically sealed
By a pinniped

Rebreathe the air in this house
It’s been breathed before
If air carried thoughts
I would breathe harder

I wonder if my phone’s mic
Is sensitive enough
To capture the ringing in my ears

Why is stingy a word and stingy is not?
Also, I want to stinge something

She was the neurosis with the mostest

A way with words
a way with words
Away with
May I have a
Fail me