Keep government out of exam rooms

During my first pregnancy, we were excited for the anatomy ultrasound, but it showed I was prematurely dilating and we were at risk of losing our baby.  I was immediately scheduled to see a specialist. We met the perinatologist for the first time when I was 22 weeks, 1 day pregnant.  Another ultrasound confirmed I was dilating and had to go to the hospital.  My husband called my boss while I cried on the way to the hospital. I waited in a bed with my head tipped toward the floor until the doctor’s partner got done with surgery.  

Because we didn’t have a law like Proposition 115, I could trust that the doctors I had met that morning had only my and the baby’s best interests at heart, and they did not have to wait until my life was in danger to act if that action might endanger the baby.  Please vote NO on Proposition 115 and keep the government out of doctor’s offices.

Angela Howard

We need to elect leaders that will fight for reproductive rights in 2020

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will stand up for reproductive rights Mike Pence and Donald Trump will not.

For almost four years, Trump and his administration have made it clear how they feel about reproductive health and rights. During the last VP debate, Pence and Harris talked about the right to choose. Harris said, “I will always fight for a woman’s right to make a decision over her own body. It should be her decision, not that of Donald Trump or Mike Pence.”

This is another reminder of what’s at stake this election for reproductive rights — not just here in the states, but overseas as well.

When it comes to upholding reproductive freedom around the world, Pence and Harris couldn’t be more different.

Pence upholds Trump’s expanded Global Gag Rule, which bans health care providers that receive U.S. aid from even discussing abortion, and the Helms Amendment, which bans U.S. foreign aid for abortion — including in situations of rape, incest, or life-threatening pregnancy complications. Up to 31,000 women and girls die every year from complications from unsafe abortion. Millions more suffer severe and often permanent injury.

Harris, on the other hand, believes that everyone deserves access to safe, affordable, and comprehensive reproductive health care and is a co-sponsor of the Global Health, Empowerment, and Rights (HER) Act, a bipartisan, bicameral effort to permanently repeal the harmful Global Gag Rule.

As I head to the polls for the most important election of our lives, I’ll be voting for reproductive freedom worldwide. Here in Colorado, that means not only voting Trump and Pence out of office but voting for John Hickenlooper, who has supported the Global HER Act and continually fights for reproductive rights here in Colorado. This also means I will be voting no on Prop. 115, a ban that would hurt women, families, and non-binary people by banning abortion at 22 weeks and will strip people from the right to choose.

We need leaders up and down the ballot who will fight for the reproductive rights of all people, everywhere.

– Kate Brooks, #Fight4HER CO Organizer

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