Below are comments in response to the Colorado Times Recorder’s article last month titled, “State Senate Candidate Lynn Gerber is Latest CO Republican to Support QAnon

The piece revealed that Lynn Gerber, who is running for a state Senate seat in Jefferson County, joined fellow Colorado Republicans Lauren Boebert, Samantha Koch, and Vanessa DeMott in publically supporting QAnon conspiracies. Gerber shared videos on her Facebook page covering a wide-range of conspiracy theories, including one that claimed the coronavirus pandemic is both a hoax and a man-made biological weapon created by former President Barack Obama and Democrats to help sway the 2020 election.

Here are some of the responses from CTR’s Facebook page:

“The GOP has fallen victim to their years of deriding education and science so now are comprised of people like this.”

“I guess they’d rather believe conspiracies than truth, what a sad world.”

“I was under the impression The Zuck was supposed to be monitoring and blocking this kind of sh**”

“It seems to be a modern day Republican running for office that believing in conspiracy theories is the norm. Perhaps by 2024 they will run on a Flat Earth platform.”

“Democrats seem to be obsessed with conspiracy theories. First it was Russia. Now it’s QAnon.”

“The Republican party and their corporate overlords created the Tea party. Which in turn gave a platform for every nut job, conspiracy theorist and gun rights activists. Anything and everything in the ether.”

“So what? You support a Marxist group destroying our country. Do grow up.”

Idiocracy was supposed to be a warning, not destiny.
Also, the thing all zombie movies got wrong, the zombies could be alive and brainless.”

“QAnon is a really interesting site. More entertaining than CNN, NBC, ABC and whatever opinion media outlets I forgot.”

“How are all these people, who must have some intelligence to get to this point, brainwashed to believe the crazy bs? I’m baffled. The scary thing – she’s someone’s mother”

“Her hair is lost in the 80s. Nothing to learn from her.”

“QAnon fabrications are so outlandish that I have great difficulty understanding how folks like Gerber get schmoozed.”

“Wth. Voting to put more money into public schools is so important. Here is the proof.”

“To call these “Outright Lies” Theories is ludicrous. Lies are Lies! Not Theories.”

“No, thanks! Jefferson county has already met its Q quota for the foreseeable future.”

“The far-right Q is a joke. Just like far-left chaos groups. There are so many amazing people stuck in between these cancers on society.”

“What in the hell is QAnon? another anarchist?”

“Bestie of Boebert??”

“QAnon / CNN (Colorado Times Recorder) — Both conspiracy sources –”

“another gopoopfunnel wing nut”