Just days before her trial on numerous election-related charges, former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters is claiming she was framed by fellow Republican officials.

Her accusation does not appear to refer to the felony charges she faces next week, but rather a misdemeanor obstruction for which Peters was already found guilty last March.

Appearing today on State of the Nation, a podcast hosted by far-right conspiracy site TNT Radio, Peters was asked by host Steve Hook how her lawyer thinks her upcoming trial will go. Peters first replied that they’re hoping for an acquittal. She then launched into a convoluted tirade against her fellow GOP elected officials, specifically the county commissioners and the district attorney.

Peters’ claim today echoes a similar accusation posted last week on her Twitter account, which reads in part, “There was never any recording. It was staged to find her guilty of lying to a judge.” 

On Telegram, Peters called on her supporters to pack the courtroom and the streets outside the courthouse.

“Feb. 8 jury selection, impaneled and possibly opening arguments Feb. 9, then Feb. 12-16,19-21,” wrote Peters. “If I’m convicted they will escort me from the courtroom into jail custody straightaway. THIS should be National. If we don’t expose what we found here during this opportunity to have a huge crowd here this will get buried because the prosecution is not letting me say one thing about the real reason that they want to put me in prison. We need huge crowds in the courtroom and with signs outside on the streets here.”

Read Peters full answer to the podcast host below. The video above clips out the third paragraph for brevity’s sake.

Hook: “How does your [legal] counsel think it’s gonna fare for you?”

Peters: “Well, you know, obviously we’re always wanting an acquittal because I’m not guilty. First of all, I’m almost 70 years old. I don’t even have a parking ticket, a speeding ticket. I’ve never had a run-in with the law. 

They basically framed me and I was found guilty of two misdemeanors. One for lying to a judge that I hadn’t recorded when I was sitting there in the court — in the gallery — in the court when my chief deputy was in court.

They basically took the iPad. I thought they broken my wrist. They got a search warrant, delayed a commissioner hearing, called me a sacrificial lamb—we could hear that on the recording—while they’re waiting 22 minutes to get a search warrant.

These are the commissioners. These are Republicans! People have to understand the D.A. is a Never Trumper Republican. You can’t get elected — well, you couldn’t before now in this town, unless you’re a Republican.”

Via email, Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein declined to comment. Peters did not respond to an email request for clarification on her statement. This article will be updated with any response received.