Democrat Sally Boccella is running to represent Colorado’s 23rd Senate District, which encompasses Windsor and other parts of Larimer County. The seat was formerly held by term-limited Republican Vicki Marble. Boccella is running against Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer and Libertarian Matthew DiGiallonardo.

What motivates you to run for office?

I am deeply committed to my community and to service. Running for office is an extension of that call to service. I am running to support public policy that lifts up all people, and nurture relationships that foster inclusive and diverse partnerships like I have done throughout my professional career.

As the daughter of an Italian immigrant, U.S. Navy veteran and Purple Heart recipient, I am a first generation American citizen and a first generation college graduate. My family heritage and work ethic instilled in me the principle- opportunity for all- through their courage to pursue the American Dream by coming to America for a better life. Their experience inspired me to be an active participant in our democracy, to be of service to others, and to increase opportunities for all people.

What experience do you have that makes you qualified for the job?

I am a proven community leader who can bring people together to get things done. As a constituent advocate, I supported important policy for mental health resources, equitable education, economic opportunities, and environmental conservation at all levels by establishing relationships with elected representatives, policy directors, community leaders, businesses, non-profits, and schools. I know that community voices are the key to success in policy, which is why I am committed to listening, and being accessible to residents of SD23.

I currently serve on three Weld County School Board committees, and that experience has resulted in a deep connection to the district, and the critical needs in our community.

My career experience has been diverse, which has given me a viewpoint of many aspects of our economy. I have worked in areas such as film, education, service industries, broadcasting and marketing, and other areas in between.

What are your top three policy issues, and how would you address those issues if elected?

I am committed to economic development planning with a just transition for workers into innovative industries like geothermal energy and industrial hemp, an infrastructure recovery plan, and protection of workers’ rights.

My infrastructure recovery plan includes improving access to broadband. Particularly in this time, internet access is necessary for all Coloradans. Our incomes, our mental health, and our next generation’s education depends on it. I will work with my colleagues in the legislature to increase our funding to rural communities, and sponsor legislation that will allow communities to have control over their access to high speed internet.

Schools are the heartbeat of a community. We must invest in our schools along with industry for our communities to successfully thrive in the future. I will bring people to the table who can collaborate on how we can ensure funding for education throughout Colorado.

What key issues set you apart from your opponent? Where do you most closely align?

I know that our health and safety, our children’s education, as well as our economic recovery depends on us following the guidelines given to us by public health experts. Weld County residents feel they are forced to leave their community to frequent businesses elsewhere that are supported in implementing masks and social distancing. Our most vulnerable populations should not feel unsafe when leaving their homes for essential items, and no one should have to gamble on which businesses will be taking the necessary precautions to protect public health.

My opponent and I are both trying to improve our community, even if we don’t always agree about how best to do it.

If you could snap your fingers and make one law in Colorado, what would it be?

I would implement a law that would ensure adequate funding for education across the state, including universal Pre-K. Our public education system has taken too many cuts over the years, leaving many children behind.

Learn more about Sally Boccella on her campaign website.