In an interview on Denver radio station KHOW, Trump campaign adviser John Pence put to rest any doubt that Trump is targeting suburban women with his hot rhetoric about riots and chaos in American cities.

Asked July 28 by KHOW morning host Ross Kaminsky if he thought the upcoming election will turn on economic issues or on suburban women’s concern for safety with the riots in the streets and the virus, Pence responded with:

“Well, Ross, I have three older, very opinionated sisters, two of which have four children each. I guess you would say they are suburban women.  They’re very concerned about this radical call of defunding the police. The president made that very clear, that he’s going to stand with our police,” Pence told Kaminsky. “He’s going to back the blue. And safety and security really is on the ballot this November. And that is an issue. I mean, what — you can’t pursue the American dream if you don’t feel safe going to work. I mean, that’s just — that’s fact. And defending our freedom starts with preserving law and order. And that’s why I’m sure you’ll hear strong words from our Attorney General about folks who destroy federal property, folks that commit arson and crimes will be held accountable to the full extent of the law. And President Trump is not going to back down on that to keep the American people safe.”

Pence, who is Vice President Mike Pence’s nephew, went on to say he thinks Trump can win Colorado.

“I don’t like to talk about feelings,” Pence told Kaminsky. “I like to talk about numbers. And our Trump Victory field team has done an excellent job with the voter contact work I mentioned, with knocking doors. And when it comes to making the voter contacts, registering voters, we know that voters are 80% likely to go out and vote for a Republican candidate that very first time. So if we have registered hundreds of thousands of voters in this growing Republican Party between now and November–but really eight weeks away, as you know, with early voting and mail-in voting in this state — you know, we’re in a competitive position.

Pence talked to Kaminsky after campaigning with newly minted congressional candidate Lauren Boebert in Pueblo and Grand Junction.

He called Boebert a “really strong candidate” who could represent a “recipe for American greatness.”

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Pence, who visited Colorado in February for a Trump rally, is best known as the political operative who stages Trump’s political events.

Pence is “particularly responsible” for having “orchestrated and manufactured” campaign tactics to “stoke fear in this country,” said former White House aide and Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault in a July, 2019, interview on MSNBC.

Omarosa said Pence got Donald Trump to say ‘go back to your countries that you came from and if you don’t love it, leave it.’

Efforts to reach the Trump campaign for a comment were not successful.

Listen to Pence here: