President Trump comes to Colorado Thursday for a rally along with Colorado GOP Sen. Cory Gardner. Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, is in Aurora for a “Keep America Great” rally tomorrow.

And, in late-breaking news, John Pence, Vice President Mike Pence’s nephew, will be in Pueblo tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to conduct a “Trump Leadership Initiative Training” at Pueblo Community College’s Fortino Ballroom A, according to the Pueblo County Republican Party.

John Pence is best known as the political operative who orchestrates Trump’s political rallies, seen as both as hate-filled and wildly successful.

Pence is “particularly responsible” for having “orchestrated and manufactured” campaign tactics to “stoke fear in this country,” said former White House aide and Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault in a July interview on MSNBC.

Omarosa said Pence got Donald Trump to say ‘go back to your countries that you came from and if you don’t love it, leave it.’

Marla Reichert, Chair of the Pueblo County Republican Party, didn’t immediately return a call seeking to know if Pence is involved in Trump’s rally Thursday, and if so, whether Pence will be deploying those kinds of tactics there–or if he’ll be teaching them tonight in Pueblo.

The Trump campaign information shared on Facebook does specify that although homemade signs are not permitted, the Trump campaign will distribute its own signs to audience members once they are inside the arena.

Pence, who’s the son of Rep. Greg Pence (R-IN), gave a Trump Leadership Initiative workshop in December at the Independence Institute, a free market activist group in Denver led by Jon Caldara, who was fired from his position as Denver Post columnist last month.

To sign up for Pence’s training, visit the Pueblo County Trump Victory Facebook group.

Prior to Thursday’s rally in Colorado Springs, Trump is holding a fundraiser where it will cost a couple $25,000 for a photo with the president. The ticket price is $2,800.