I don’t know how the algorithm brought me here. Fifty years of political circus, and now we’re in some shit for sure. “Drain the swamp.” Hell, more like blow the sewer.

People are dying and I’m looking for something on my screen. But it’s all bad, like everywhere it’s Trump–lies, distractions, tantrums and silly shit. Serious people trying to take it seriously, be reasonable… madness! just madness.

I click and the screen flashes like a million nasty little bits of Trump. I Flinch… my screen goes blank, and blares “TRUMP VOMITORIUM” in gold.

I have to see, and click. It opens. “GREAT HEINOUS SPHINCTER” above the gate….

Now a lot of it I can’t describe, but the graffiti.… Hard to tell the righteous from the damned, but as I go around reading there’re a few prime lines.

“Death cult USA!” and “Zombie Parasites” are about the media-made mobs, called “Sheeple” by the corporate powers that run them. Zombie Parasites are an actual thing – hijack the host’s mind – happens to ants, mice, and weaponized clowns outraged by public health to try and blame… anybody else.

They write “Liberty!” and below that someone puts “Like pissing in the public pool” and “Smells like liberty.”

Suffering a nasty virus and media dementia they scrawl, “Are the Alt facts working yet?” and “Fairytales kill!”

The fairytales go back to trickle-down from on-high, and old-time identity politics of the “Moral Majority,” rebranded later as the “Tea Party” and then just MAGA. A constant gospel of arrogance for the readily enraged, a church of the self-righteous faith now basically a media operation. “In GOP we trust.”

Someone scored “Ass-clown killer…” to the Talking Heads: “Qu’est-ce que c’est …”  (A Minor).

Laughing, my eyes roll off the wall. Over the COVID KILLER ring, down through HIGH CRIME LIES, REGIME COURT JUSTICE, NAZIS ‘R US! VLAD’S TREASON DOLL… an endless pit going down to something like a whiney fat sack of privilege and soggy fried chicken… Only so much worse.

Looking back to the left, a glass says BREAK-IN EMERGENCY, and I’m looking at my screen again, El Canto De La Sibila in my headphones. Change that! try “Calling Out” (Lyrics Born)… Enough of the orange ape shit show!

So what if we had a day without Trump? An emergency mental health day to deal with just the one disease, for once! For a day: A media public service – clear out the airwaves, cyber-space, brain space… for a day.  Or maybe just quit broadcasting every delusional distraction, tantrum, lie, and ceaseless attention grab that is the Trump show.

Seems a fair demand — now that we’re semi-hostage to a nasty virus, captivating screens, and a flaming mad sphincter. Maybe after shouting it out at the vomitorium, we could call out the media that carries this… sick. Or just quit watching….

David Reed is an old, occasionally irritable activist, concerned with media manipulation and the fleeting hope of democracy. He lives in the mountains near Denver.