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Colorado has a lot of great news outlets, but the Colorado Times Recorder has a lane that we own: We report on politics from an openly progressive perspective, calling out bigotry, correcting misinformation on conservative media platforms, reporting on dangerous groups and events, fact-checking public figures and activists, and educating the public about issues that matter most to progressives.

No news outlet covered the right wing’s attacks on Colorado schools this year like the Colorado Times Recorder did.

No news outlet relentlessly exposes Colorado’s election deniers like we do.

No newspaper exposes and fact-checks conservative media outlets like we do.

No news outlet covered Lauren Boebert’s initial rise to power, tragic behavior in Congress, and near-loss in her last election like we did.

If you peruse our website even briefly and look at our track record, you’ll see that offer Colorado progressive, fact-based, nonprofit news that’s more important now than ever.

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Jason Salzman


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