KNUS 710-AM management and staff are expressing regret for the pain caused by fired host Chuck Bonniwell’s comment that the “never-ending impeachment” hearings make you wish for a “nice school shooting.”

The KNUS host who’s been the leading voice for the station’s apologies is Steffan Tubbs, and it’s hard to question his sincerity during his on-air conversation last night with the father of a student killed at a Douglas County school shooting in May.

But what gets lost in the glare of the alleged Nazi working at the KNUS, the firing of host who criticized Trump, and the painful joke about a school shooting is what the KNUS hosts say about issues, like guns, day after day after day.

For example, what is Tubbs’ stance on guns and the NRA.

Twelve days after last year’s massacre at Stoneman Parkland High School in Parkland, Florida, Tubbs and his producer, Kirk Widlund, who’s the alleged Nazi, staged an on-air stunt in response to the decision by a group of major corporations, including United Airlines, to cut discounts to NRA members.

Widland and Tubbs bought five-year memberships to the NRA live on the radio, joining what they called the #metooNRA.

Tubbs was astonished that after all the school shootings, including Columbine, the companies had finally decided to fight the NRA.

“It was this one, where [these companies] decided enough is enough, and ‘it’s you, the devil-worshiping, AK-47-shooting, don’t-care-for-your-fellow-man, waving-your-confederate-flag NRA member’; they are going to punish you,” Tubbs said, calling the companies “purely stupid.”

“It kills me,” said Tubbs. “I’m a dedicated mileage-plus United-Airlines-loving consumer.”