Former Trump U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley joined Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) at a private campaign event on Monday. The invite-only Republican audience was reported to be “mostly women.”

The men in attendance included Pastor Corey Seulean of Longmont, candidate for Colorado House District 63. Seulean recently made national headlines following the Times Recorder’s reporting on his belief that women shouldn’t wear pants, but rather skirts or “modest culottes.”

Seulean emphatically endorsed Gardner’s re-election and said he looked forward to working with him to make Colorado a better place to live.

The two candidates spoke to one another at the event. The subject of their conversation is unknown.

Ambassador Haley wore pants.

As part of organizing this event featuring one of the most prominent women in both the Trump Administration and the Republican Party, the Gardner campaign reached out to the Colorado Women’s Alliance, a right-leaning group that “supports research, education and advocacy in areas of concern to women voters.”

“We were approached by the Gardner campaign with an offer to attend and to bring some people with us,” said Executive Director Joni Inman. “Women are about 60% of the voting population. With Ambassador Haley here in support of Cory Gardner…it made sense that they’d invite the Colorado Women’s Alliance and offer to let me bring a few people.”

Pastor Seulean was not one of the Alliance’s invitees. It’s unclear whether he received his invitation from the Gardner campaign directly or from another entity. Messages sent to the Gardner and Seulean campaigns requesting comment were not immediately returned.

Republican candidates Sen. Cory Gardner and Corey Seulean chat at an invite-only campaign event featuring former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley