Last week, the Colorado Times Recorder reported that Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton, who’s running for governor, failed to disclose his wife’s $30,000 salary for her job as Executive Director of the Harmes C. Fishback Foundation, which is Stapleton’s family’s foundation.

Colorado law requires candidates for state offices to file a form with the secretary of state disclosing not only their income but also their spouses.

As of yesterday, the latest personal finance disclosure document Stapleton provided to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office was dated May 25, 2018.

The May 25 update was filed by Stapleton after the Colorado Independent reported that Stapleton failed to reference a trust, called Rocky Mountain Trust, LLC, that holds his assets.

But Stapleton did not submit a second updated form to the secretary of state listing his wife’s income.

Stapleton not only failed to disclose his wife’s income on his latest disclosure form but on forms filed since 2011.

Stapleton has not explained why his wife’s income was not mentioned on his disclosure form, and he has not commented at all on the matter.