Yes, Capt. Barefoot is a descendant Southern European
New World colonial settler Jew lover pioneer who rues
his/her nation displacing to the point of genocide
generations of Indigenous in America

But no, she/he doesn’t support continuing to
arm Israel’s murder of innocents to the point of
genocide with the same vengeance
the U.S. did in Iraq & Afghanistan

But yes, he/she abhors the inexcusable attack of
Hamas with its rapes, mutilations & murders of
innocents knowing it was the culmination
of years of bombings & terrorism
& understand Israel’s need to respond
To stop an endless war

But no, she/he doesn’t support the apartheid
regime of Netanyahu whose government
has built walls, murdered journalists
killed unarmed activists, bulldozed homes
& illegally annexed Palestinian land

And yes, he/she is not denying
that America & Israel
both began as colonial nation states
on stolen land but history has led us
to where we are & we can’t go back

But no, she/he realizes there is
no guarantee we can go forward either

Still yes, he/she believes in
a two-state solution
with an independent Palestine
if that were ever possible

And no, she/he doesn’t support the fanatic
Zionists occupying new settlements
in Gaza and the West Bank

But yes, he/she understands the need
for Israel not to be under the constant threat
of missiles & terrorist attacks

And says no to the extirpation of Jews
from the Levant by a Palestinian state
stretching from the river to the sea

Yes, clearly Hamas and other fanatic
jihadists on all sides of the state of Israel
are Iran’s proxies in a larger global conflict
which is why she/he is clearly supportive
of our arming Ukraine against genocidal
Russian aggression

And yes, he/she affirms the need
for the U.S. to continue to support Israel
as part of the imperfect first-world-led
democratic capitalist nexus against
the totalitarian
Sino-Soviet-Persian axis

What Capt. Barefoot is saying
is that she/he is at a loss
to take any side because
he/she takes all sides

Where does that leave her/him?
Leave us?
Totally confused

Seeking an eclipse of peace
with only more war in sight

Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash