After saying he didn’t have the power to stop immigrant children from being taken from their families, Trump is now saying he’ll sign an executive order to stop the child grabbing on the border.

Trump’s reversal appears popular among the general public, but three of four Republican candidates for governor may not be pleased with it.

During a GOP primary debate last night, only businessman Doug Robinson came out solidly against the Trump policy.

“These scenes from the border are heart-wrenching,” Robinson said. “And this is not who we are as Americans. It’s not who we are as Republicans.”

Businessman Victor Mitchell said the Democrats are responsible for Trump’s policy, and Parker mayor Greg Lopez did not state a position on the issue.

Asked directly by Denver Post reporter John Frank if he agreed that Trump should “end this policy,” Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton sided with Trump, replying “I think Congress needs to fix this policy. I call on Congress to fix this policy.”