Conservative KNUS radio host Craig Silverman, who was fired on air Saturday for criticizing Trump, is a huge fan of Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner.

Silverman said so when he introduced Gardner last year at a giant gathering of conservatives near Denver.

“This man [Gardner] may well be the first person from the great state of Colorado to become President of the United States,” Silverman told the crowd.

Silverman said Gardner is “respected” by, among others, “our President, Donald J. Trump.”

But Silverman’s increasingly skeptical view of Trump isn’t shared by Gardner, who endorsed Trump and won’t even tell reporters whether it’s appropriate for the President of the United States to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent.

Now Silverman is saying “let’s not hide from hard truths or label it fake news,” while fellow Republican Gardner voted for a resolution slamming the impeachment inquiry.

Silverman, who voted for Trump, said on air Oct. 24 that he still “loves a lot of his policies,” but he asked fellow KNUS radio host Chuck Bonniwell, “What about [Trump] calling Republicans who don’t support him ‘human scum?'”

“He calls a lot of people bad names,” replied Bonniwell, before Bonniwell started screaming at Silverman over the impeachment hearings, with Silverman praising Ambassador William Taylor and asking whether Trump did “corrupt things in Ukraine to try to win the election” and Bonniwell calling Taylor a “joke.” Listen here at 3 min 30 seconds.

Silverman didn’t return a call seeking to know if he thinks Gardner should speak out on Trump like he’s done.

In Silverman’s view, should Gardner say, for example, whether it’s appropriate to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival?

Has Gardner’s behavior has made Silverman think less of the senator?