Maybe the headline doesn’t strike you as news?

Still, Denver radio host Peter Boyles’ interview today with Colorado State Rep. Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs) is worth reading. And you can listen to the KNUS interview below.


BOYLES: We have dubbed him the Half-blood Prince. If you remember back when Dave Williams was not allowed to be, uh — what –how did — how did they pronounce that, when Crazy Joe [Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar of Thornton] started calling you – what did he call you?

REP. DAVE WILLIAMS: Half Latino. [Which is how Salazar says Williams introduced himself]`

BOYLES: But he went [affecting an exaggerated Spanish accent], “La Raztinos!” They have – like, the people who always talk about [affecting exaggerated accent, and mispronouncing] “Nigaragua”. [Laughs]

WILLIAMS: [chuckles]

BOYLES: And they become Spanish speakers! You know [affecting accent], “Che Guevara!” They do that. So, you were called the Half-blood Prince. I dubbed you the Half-blood Prince. Dave, why did you become the Half-blood Prince?

WILLIAMS: [laughing] Well, I don’t know if it was my choice, but it was —

BOYLES: And it wasn’t!

WILLIAMS: Yeah, right, it had to do with immigration, and the fact that I was fighting against sanctuary cities. And so, this was said about me as a way to discredit my standing within the community – the Hispanic community.

BOYLES: [Said] by Crazy Joe Salazar. You — your mom — your mom is Hispanic, correct?

WILLIAMS: Right. Right.

BOYLES: And so, that made you, in my mind, only the Half-blood Prince – you and Harry Potter. So –


BOYLES: And it was funny, and then they started talking about, you were not “Latina”! You were some other person. So, — and it’s funny: the identity politics, as it’s called, and who gets to say what. And you were a great example of that. So—

WILLIAMS: Mm-hmm. Right.


BOYLES: Dave Williams is with us! So, Dave! Did you go to D.C.?

WILLIAMS: I did. I did. It was a good experience. I was shocked when I got the invitation to the White House. I thought it was a gag, at first, so I had to call around to make sure it was right. But, yeah, I was invited to the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, and this is where the President was bringing together people from around the country that were good for the Hispanic community, in the Hispanic community. And he wanted to honor, you know, the contributions and, you know, every positive, good thing that came from that community. And what was very wonderful about the President’s speech was he not only acknowledged, you know, Hispanics and Latinos, but he also acknowledged that, hey, at the end of the day, we’re all Americans. And not any of us is better than the other, and that we’re all in this together, and we need to put America first. And, you know, he made some good remarks, especially about Puerto Rico and Florida, with respect to the hurricane relief.

And, you know, it was just – it was a fabulous event. And I don’t care what anyone says, — I’ve seen the man personally speak— the guy is a class act!


WILLIAMS: You know, the one thing I’ll leave your audience with, is that the President gets it.

BOYLES: Oh, yeah!

WILLIAMS: And we spoke about – I spoke about immigration. Go figure, right? And I specifically spoke about Denver, Aurora, and these cities that are flaunting immigration. And I was told – and it was committed to me – that they’re going to handle it. They’re going to crack down on it.

BOYLES: You bet!


WILLIAMS: You know, the one thing I would like to tell everyone is that Washington D.C. is a beautiful place. So, we need to absolutely drain the swamp, but we need to keep the city as it is.

BOYLES: I tell you, the Jefferson Memorial is doomed if the little PC witch hunters have their way.


BOYLES: The Lincoln Memorial, there’s moves on that, certainly the Washington Monument.


BOYLES: So, let us not kid ourselves. The witch hunters are working. And the Columbus Day statues are classic examples.


BOYLES: And so, like I said, their force is at work.


WILLIAMS: Well, unfortunately, I didn’t really get to shake his hand. I got very close. I got very close, but he was a class act. He came down and shook a disabled vet’s hand. And, you know, everyone mobbed him. But the guy, – like I said – he’s a class act. You know, the media portrays him in such a bad light.

BOYLES: I know.

WILLIAMS: And it is not fair. If you were to hear him speak, you’d absolutely know what I’m talking about. The guy is classy, and he is just working for the American people. America first!

BOYLES [referring to media coverage of President Trump]: This is the absolute worst guy to ever be President of the United States. Wow!

WILLIAMS: Yep! Far from it. No, media is the opposition party. I mean, that’s true. Mainstream media.

Listen to Colorado State Rep. Dave Williams on KNUS’ Peter Boyles show Oct. 10, 2017: